Lawn and backyard landscaping ideas are changing with the times. Having an attractive lawn is an important component of modern homes whether you’re in the city or the suburbs. However, these days, an appealing landscape may not be enough; functionality has also become a crucial element in most lawn and backyard modern designs.

The Benefits of Having a Lawn

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Turfgrasses are sustainable and are considered an environmentally sound choice compared to artificial lawns. Below are some of the many reasons for you to pursue backyard landscaping with grass lawns:

  • Natural lawns enhance the air quality in the area. Grasses in the lawns naturally cleanse the air around a house. This cleansing activity reduces pollutants and impurities such as dust, dirt, and carbon dioxide. The moment grass blades capture these air-borne particles, the dew and precipitation will move them to the root zone where they will return to the soil and where microbes will break them down.
  • Grass lawns can help counter climate change. Lawn grasses can convert trapped carbon to a stable form and lock them into the soil layer through the process called carbon sequestration. Instead of getting released into the atmosphere and adding to the greenhouse gases, they are held in the soil to be transformed into useful organic matter.
  • Lawns help cool the air around them. Homeowners can take advantage of the cooling effect of having grass around. Cooler air temperatures have a direct effect on the improvement of the overall temperature around the surrounding home.
  • Lawns help in purifying rainwater and in improving groundwater quality. With the mixture of grasses and soil microbes, the impact to the environment is easily identifiable. Groundwater could be improved because pollutants are broken down as they move into the root zone.

Choosing the Right Grass

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Backyard landscaping entails finding the right type of greens to plant in the soil. Knowing exactly what type of grass to plant can mean the difference between you constantly working to keep your grass green and enjoying a low maintenance lawn that remains vibrant no matter how trying the elements.

However, the market offers a wide range of choices — how exactly do you decide which seed type is the best for your outdoor space? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right kind of grass for your lawn:

  • Know the right grass for your location. Canadian summers can be moderate and winters infamously cold. You need to choose a plant that can withstand snowfall in spring and humid summers. Some of the best types of grass to plant in the country are:
  • – Kentucky bluegrass
    – Fescues
    – Bentgrass
    – Perennial ryegrass

    ascertain soil

  • Evaluate the condition of the yard. For some sites that may pose challenges for grass growth then you need to find a species that can best adapt to certain conditions — whether shady, sunny, wet, dry, or hot. Also, determine factors including soil acidity, nutrient concentration, and layering.
  • Consider the maintenance it needs. Once the turf flourishes, you need to maintain it. Because maintenance has to be done regularly to keep your turf healthy and lush, this requires considerable thought and planning. Grasses, in general, only need to be watered right and mowed on occasion. However, factors such as growth rate, hardiness, and susceptibility to pests and diseases also matter.

Adding Functionality to Your Lawn

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If you have a limited lawn space or small backyard, the landscaping ideas you can use may be limited. However, landscaping and enhancing your outdoor property is not impossible. Here are a few ways to make the most out of that grassy space:

  • Install the right water sprinkler system. Doing so will save you both time and money. Set up your sprinklers strategically so every area is covered. Select a sprinkler system with a timer so you don’t forget and your grass receives the right amount of water.
  • Add outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting offers a variety of advantages. It does more than just add curb appeal; it also makes your outdoor space safer by adding much-needed visibility at night. Install fixtures like path lights and string lights. If you have plants and other garden fixtures, spotlights, and uplights, and downlights can highlight their most impressive features. What’s more, you can use your lawn as an excellent alternative to other venues when holding an evening event.
  • Set up a barbecue station. Having a barbecue is a great idea especially for the summer — and what better place to hold it than on a well-kept lawn? Your lush green turf will serve as a refreshing treat for you and your friends while you grill and chow down. Invite your family and friends and have an enjoyable cookout.
  • Put up a playground. If you have children, adding a playground is a great way to use your lawn space. Grass can serve as a natural cushion for playful children when they trip or fall. Depending on the size of your lawn, you can add a swing, a bouncy castle, or slide on your backyard lawn and the kids will get their little paradise.

place whre you can rest

  • Assemble an outdoor lounge area. If you love having your afternoon tea, reading a good book, and simply enjoying the outdoors, adding a couple of lounge chairs would be a great addition to backyard landscaping designs. The lawn can also serve as a space for hosting guests on warm days.
  • Deck out your landscape. Add layers to maximize the function of your lawn. Build a deck, install a fountain (or even a waterfall), plant a tree and some hedges. These additions only add to the beauty of your lawn.
  • Plan out pathways to garden features. Consider how people can access features like your lounge, playground, and outdoor decor. Install paths to guide them through your lawn and protect your luscious grass from getting trampled underfoot. You can choose from a wide range of options from concrete to stepping stones.

Transform your lawn into a thing of beauty and practicality and make the most out of your grassy investment.

If you are looking for the right sprinkler for your lawn, get in touch with Augusta Green Sprinkler. We install landscape irrigation with smart timers to help you with your lawn maintenance and provide services for your landscape lighting needs. Give a call at (416) 227-1666 and find out how you can improve your own space!