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Augusta Green Sprinklers Inc. is a market leader in the installation and service of smart irrigation and lighting systems. Our experience using these technologies has shown us that when properly implemented they provide customers with more features, ease of use, and powerful tools to conserve both water and electricity.

These smart timers are:

Smart times

Advanced lawn sprinklers in Toronto are an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain the health and appearance of outdoor landscaping. Aside from the advantage of automated watering systems provide, you can also save on hydro costs.

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A sprinkler system in Mississauga is always helpful to provide proper irrigation for residential gardens and lawns, commercial sites, golf courses, and other areas where grass and plants need water.

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Modern sprinklers are efficient lawn irrigation systems. They’re ideal for conserving both water and energy because of their ability to spray water to your lawn evenly using a system of underground pipes and expertly-placed sprinkler heads.

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