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Illuminate Your Outdoors with Our Expertise in Landscape Lighting in Toronto

Are you looking for a backyard makeover? Augusta Green Sprinklers has the solution for you! We specialize in landscape lighting in Toronto and understand how proper lighting can bring out beauty in any space, including your yards and gardens. Installing better lighting improves your outdoor landscape by enhancing safety, aesthetics, and property value.

Transform Your Outdoor Space With Our Landscape Lighting in Toronto

Giving your outdoor space a landscape lighting makeover — Toronto-style — poses certain challenges if you opt for a “do-it-yourself” approach. Choosing the right kind of fixtures for your area and selecting the proper locations to install them often requires the skills and expertise of professionals. Serving Toronto and the GTA, Augusta Green Sprinklers supplies quality products and offers excellent design, installation, and maintenance. Our team of highly skilled technicians will bring out the best in your project and make it stand out. Let us help you lift your outdoor living space with a landscape lighting system.

Comprehensive Services for Landscape Lighting in Toronto You Can Count On

Our clients choose us because we provide unparalleled landscape lighting ideas and flawless services, from calling, scheduling, and dispatching to completing the project. You can trust and rely on our competence from start to end. Our customer’s positive reviews and feedback have kept us motivated to continue providing top-quality services.

Our services include:

Are you looking for landscape lighting services for Mississauga? You can count on Augusta Green Sprinklers to provide top-notch service from start to finish. Our expertise, experience, and knowledge set us apart from our Mississauga competitors.

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Landscape lighting in Oakville can elevate the look of your home and yard to the next level. A well-placed lighting system will turn any landscape into a magical place after dusk, adding a character and beauty that is breathtaking.

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Are you looking for a backyard makeover? Augusta Green Sprinklers has the solution for you! We understand how proper lighting can bring out beauty in any space, including your yards and gardens.

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Who says the fun is gone after the sun goes down? Augusta Green Sprinklers is happy to serve residential and business owners who want to brighten up the night with our outdoor lighting system for Toronto properties.

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Why Trust Augusta Green Sprinklers for Your Much-Needed Landscape Lighting in Toronto

At Augusta Green Sprinklers, we strive to deliver the best landscape lighting for Toronto properties. Our team of professionals always prioritizes your vision. It does not matter how many fixtures you want for your outdoor living space, have peace of mind that we will expertly handle your project as if it were our own home. 

We also offer full-service landscape lighting system services for Toronto residential and commercial properties. Equipped with experience, knowledge, and technical skills, our team of professionals is capable of designing and installing efficient path lighting systems for your property. 

So if you’re searching for professional landscape lighting near you, look no further than our expert services. Contact us at (416) 227-1666 or request a free quote for installing landscape lighting or know more about our unrivalled outdoor landscape lighting design by filling out our online form.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Ryan and Dave installed my irrigation and lighting 3 years ago, and they come every spring and fall for the opening and closing. They do an unbelievable job – very professional, very flexible, whatever you need they can make it happen, and they make it look easy. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for irrigation or landscape lighting.”

– Craig H.

“We are very pleased with Ryan and his crew @ Augusta Green. They are professionals making Toronto greener every day. The drought this summer and a landscaping/accessibility project tore up our front lawn. I contacted several companies and only Ryan came quickly to give us an estimate and site review before the concrete was poured. His crew installed the system in one day and they returned after the sod was laid to set up and demonstrate the Hydrawise app ~ it’s linked to the Weather Network ~ very cool! A crew member returned last week to blow the lines. Maintenance is key for us and Ryan calls you with follow up texts/emails to confirm service appointments. We look forward to installing another system in the backyard next year with some landscaping lighting. Augusta Green gets ********** from us!”

– Julia A.

“Very professional – we have had this Company’s services for many years. As well as the irrigation services, they have updated all our garden and patio lighting . Always very happy with Augusta”

– Tara D.

Frequently Asked Questions About Landscape Lighting in Toronto

Outdoor landscape lighting for Toronto properties primarily provides illumination in high-traffic areas and complements the architectural appearance of a given structure. It is visible and hung from porch ceilings or installed on posts, columns, or walls.


Landscape lighting brings key elements of your outdoor space to life after sunset. It is strategically mounting fixtures on trees, gazebos, houses, or other structures. The focus is on hiding the fixtures and minimizing any blinding effects. We create unique lighting effects using different landscape lights and innovative placement strategies to highlight and accentuate certain trees, bushes, or landscape elements.

An LED is an electrical device that produces light using Light-Emitting Diodes. It consumes far less energy than similar incandescent bulbs but can be significantly more expensive than standard fluorescent lamps.
Landscape lighting systems for Toronto properties may typically be installed without causing substantial damage to your current landscape. By carefully applying our thorough and non-intrusive installation processes, you will most likely notice little sign of our presence until the job is done and the lights are turned on.
LED bulbs are the best alternatives since they produce less heat and remain cool to the touch while in use. Furthermore, LED bulbs are free of mercury, making them environmentally safe.
The entire cost of installing landscape lighting for Toronto residential and commercial areas varies depending on various factors, including the size and age of the property, the number of lights and labour hours necessary, required supplies, and more. Our specialists will offer an accurate quote, giving transparency for your peace of mind.