Sprinkler System Installation in Toronto

sprinkler2Modern sprinklers are efficient lawn irrigation systems. They’re ideal for conserving both water and energy because of their ability to spray water to your lawn evenly using a system of underground pipes and expertly-placed sprinkler heads.

Advanced spray heads effectively disseminate moisture to lawns, gardens, sports arenas, and golf courses with the right water pressure. Property owners requiring sprinkler system installation for their Toronto locations need products from reliable manufacturers and a trustworthy installation.

Augusta Green’s ground sprinkler systems offer all this, including systems with a timer so both plants and grass can be watered day or night. Our professional installation team will conduct a thorough, free evaluation of your landscape to create a custom design and provide an honest contract estimate.

When you hire us, we’ll lay out all crucial details (e.g. date of installation, materials to be used, system design, and other specifics) before our crew starts digging. We use the latest tools, equipment, and methods to make sure clients are satisfied with their automatic lawn irrigation system installation in Toronto. We also offer “smart irrigation” with WiFi Smart Timers: a state-of-the-art technology that helps save money on both water and energy utilities.

Once the installation is complete, one of our trained and knowledgeable team members will walk you through the new system, answer any of your questions, and explain how to properly operate every component.

Sprinkler System Installation in Toronto

We use only high-quality and durable materials. In addition to free estimates and consultation, we offer a five-year warranty on all products and a one-year comprehensive warranty on workmanship. Our installation crew can also update previously-installed lawn sprinkler systems with:

  • Additional zones, drips, sensors, and/or sprinkler heads
  • WiFi Smart Timers (connected to the Internet; the system is remotely controlled from any location)
  • Other upgrades to improve system efficiency and water conservation

Sprinkler System Aftercare

Our services do not end after installation. In addition to installation and maintenance in Toronto, our trained and experienced technicians also offer complete sprinkler system service, including:

  • Seasonal openings & closings
  • Repairs
  • Troubleshooting

Why Choose Us

If you have had negative experiences with other companies in the past, worry no more. Augusta Green Sprinkler has a proven track record in meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. With us, you are assured that your investment will receive our famous quality workmanship and flawless service for residential and commercial irrigation systems.

Check us out online: we have many positive reviews and feedback to support our claim of our industry-leading customer care.

Augusta Green Sprinklers provides a full-service sprinkler system installation for Toronto clients. We employ trained and knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about customer satisfaction.

For a great sprinkler system, please call us at (416) 227-1666 for more information — or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. Talk to our professionals to learn how our irrigation services will help ensure that you have a healthy lawn that is fresh and green all year long.