Are you tired of lugging the watering can around your yard? Or standing patiently with the water hose as it hydrates your entire lawn? For a couple of flower pots and a few square feet of grass, these methods might be okay. But, they’re far from the most convenient or efficient. What you need is a water sprinkler system. You’ll save time and money while reaping the rewards of a healthier lawn and garden. And, installation is a lot easier than you’d think. Here’s everything you need to know about the best lawn sprinkler system and how to install it.

What Is A Water Sprinkler System?

A water sprinkler system, or irrigation system, is an effective way to water lawns and gardens. Rather than directing the hose at one plant and then the next, all plants get the right amount of water at the right time. Or, if you opt for a WIFI Smart Timer, you can decide which areas get watered and when.

You need a lawn sprinkler system if you’re tired of wasting your time watering. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “there has got to be a better way,” this is for you.

The Benefits of Using a Sprinkler System

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Your life is about to get much more enjoyable when you install a lawn sprinkler system. Ready for more time, more money, a better lawn, and more? Here are six of the top benefits reported by homeowners who use a water sprinkler system.

1. It Saves You Time

Who has time to stand in the lawn waiting for their grass to get enough hydration? No one! It’s a complete waste of your time when there are more efficient options. When you use a sprinkler system, you can spend that time on more important tasks that require your attention. Simply set the sprinkler system to run when you want it to, and it’s good to go. It’ll automatically take the water and disperse it evenly throughout the system. This is also super convenient when you’re on vacation or holidays. You can enjoy your getaway without wondering if your lawn will be dead by the time you get home.

2. It Saves You Money

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Did you know that you can lower your water bill by using an irrigation system? Instead of setting up a DIY sprinkler and forgetting to turn it off, this system automatically stops using water when it’s done. It only takes the amount of water needed to sufficiently quench your lawn and garden. Plus, this is better for the environment as it takes less water away from Ontario’s beautiful lakes. When you use less water, you save money and help the planet.

3. Better Plant Growth

Soaking your lawn with one big watering, once a day, is not the optimal way to water. In fact, doing this once a day can overwhelm plants with more water than they need. Most plants and lawns require more time to absorb the water from the soil slowly. Sprinkler systems water your plants in slower, moderate bursts multiple times throughout the day. You’re still using the same amount of water; its dispersal is just spread over more time. You’ll notice taller, stronger plants after only a short time of using this system.

4. There Are Fewer Weeds

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A regular lawn sprinkler soaks the entire space around it. This means not only are you watering the lawn, but you’re also watering the weeds. With this newer system, you can target the exact places you want to water. When you use a drip irrigation system, it’s even more efficient at this. These systems water the plants at their roots instead of soaking the entire garden area. You will notice a reduction in weeds in your garden and lawn after using an effective lawn sprinkler system.

5. It Preserves Soil Structure

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When you water your plants with a hose, the direct jet of water is often too aggressive for your soil. It aggressively pushes the soil down and away from the plants’ roots, thus withdrawing the nutrients they need. Plus, as water repeatedly gets pushed down by the water stream, it starts to compact. This will eventually cause root rot and plant suffocation. Gentle, well-dispersed watering is crucial for maintaining healthy soil.

6. More Control Over Your Garden

A professionally installed water system gives you much more control over your garden than a simple watering hose. You can create zones, drips, use sensors, and timers. You could even upgrade to a WIFI Smart Timer. With this feature, you get even more customization than a conventional lawn sprinkler system. The Smart Timer uses your settings for times and water amounts, but it also considers the weather. Your Smart Timer is aware of the rain and won’t allow your irrigation system to run if the day is full of rainstorms. And, you can use it remotely. Even if you’re on the other side of the world, you’re in control of your lawn care.

How to Install a Water Sprinkler System

There are a handful of ways to set up your sprinklers. For a do it yourself sprinkler system, you could buy a regular rubber garden hose. Drill small holes in the hose and weave it around the garden and lawn. When you turn on the water, the holes will allow for slight, gentle streams to come out. There are some downsides with this DIY method, though. First, the holes can easily tear and get pricked too large. Suddenly, part of your garden is getting overwatered and the rest underwatered. It also requires manual turning on and turning off. It’s easy to forget about the running house and rack up an unwanted increase in your water bill.

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The most efficient sprinkler system installation is through the help of professionals. Simply choose an established and reputable irrigation company in Toronto to come set up your sprinkler system. They will consider the various factors of your yard and your preferences. For example, the slopes and hills that might cause water to run. Or, the types of plants you have and their watering needs. Then, they’ll install every aspect of the system, so you don’t have to. After teaching you how to set the timers or use the WIFI Smart Timer, you’re good to go! You can’t always call them if you have questions about using your new system.

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