Outdoor lighting enhances your property’s appearance and increases its market value. Installing lights in strategic areas of your landscape, pathways, and stairs can help keep your home safe and secure.

Here are some ways outdoor lighting improves safety:

Prevents Crime

Improved lighting can be an effective crime prevention tool. A well-lit area creates the impression someone is home. Would-be intruders are more likely to be seen by the occupants, an alert neighbour, or passerby. The Canadian Government has a safety PDF that recommends one way to deter crimes in the community: keep all entrances, yards, and garages well-lit. When choosing landscape lighting for safety purposes, consider illuminating dark corners and areas where burglars might hide or gain entry. Motion-sensor lights are an effective deterrent for intruders.

Safety along walkways

With proper outdoor lighting, you can prevent trips and falls. If you have unfenced edges, an outdoor pool, or multi-leveled pavement, lighting is essential. Choose among various pathway lights to effectively illuminate the entryway (so visitors can find your home more easily) and patios (so guests will safely enjoy their time with you).

Protection from mosquitoes

Mosquitoes love damp and dark places. The garden can be a haven for these insects, especially during rainy days. Don’t let biting mosquitoes disturb your evening with family and friends. With outdoor lights, the proliferation of mosquitoes in your yard can be minimized. A University of Notre Dame study argues that exposure to light at night suppresses mosquito bites and manipulates flight behaviour. There are also innovative lights available with mosquito repelling qualities.

Choosing the right outdoor lights

In selecting an outdoor lighting system, brighter does not always mean safer. Research shows that poorly designed, excessive lighting may increase vulnerability and result in light pollution. It also creates high energy bills. Contact an outdoor lighting professional who can assess your safety and security needs.

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