Your landscape isn’t just another element of your home, it’s also a stage, in a way. Your landscape is likely to be the first part of your property that visitors will see. If you’re looking to make an impression, it’s vital your landscape look impressive to make an impact on your guests. Going back to the stage metaphor, like a stage, your landscape needs some quality lighting to make it a real showstopper.

Your landscape is a beautiful one, with flowers, shrubbery, trees, and other elements to accentuate your home. Good lighting helps those elements stay visible even at night, allowing your home to look smart and impressive even when it’s too dark to see them otherwise. To help your external space look its best, it pays to be aware of some tips for outdoor lighting your garden to create the best effects. Keep these ideas in mind to help you make your landscape look impressive and awe-inspiring.

  • Make your front door more inviting

Making a good first impression is always a must, and that applies to your home as well. Once your guests actually get up to your house, the first thing they’ll see is your front door. It’s a good idea then to light up your front door to make it feel more welcoming. Wall sconces, chandeliers, and floor lanterns are common picks for your front door, but you can also set up festoon lights on the porch to create a more homey feeling for the house. The additional light also serves to light up any interesting plants you’ve set up on the porch so you and your guests can see them even when it’s gotten dark.

  • Create ambient lighting

If you have some outdoor space you’d like to use to host events or eat amidst fresh air, you can’t go wrong with some gentle ambient lighting. For lighting those intimate outdoor areas, the rule of thumb is warm, intimate light. Refrain from harsh, over-bright lights for your al fresco dinners and fire pit gatherings. Instead, set your scones slightly away from seating areas, set up some ground-level lanterns, and string lights at a slight distance to give off some warm, indirect light.

  • Light up your paths

Lighting your paths is as much a matter of safety as style. Aside from being able to see where you’re going and avoid injury, setting up lights for your walkways is also a chance to spice up your external space. For example, you can tuck the path lights near or in plantings by the path to keep them discreet and out of the way. Another style you can try is to stagger your lights, avoiding the runway look many paths tend to have.

String lights are a flexible and simple means of lighting your garden

  • Add some string lights

String lights are a simple but effective method of lighting your landscape. These lights are simple to install and remove, feature multiple layouts to choose from, and come in differently coloured bulbs to match whatever theme you want. String lights are also flexible. You can string them up from your trees, set them along your patio, or set them in your hedges, the possibilities are endless.

  • Choose striking sconces

Developing your outdoor lighting doesn’t have to have boring results. One thing to keep in mind is to choose your fixtures with as much care as the lights themselves. Your fixtures have considerable leeway so you can match the lights to an overall theme. For example, if your home has a farmhouse theme, boxy lantern sconces with black metal frames and glass panels on the front porch are an appropriate match. These lights tie in to the style, while also transitioning the curb appeal from day to night.

Light your trees to draw eyes towards them

  • Show off your trees

Your trees are some of the most striking elements of your landscape, and it pays to show them off. Installing lights in or around your trees is a great way to draw attention to them, especially if they have dramatic features like double trunks or an attractive canopy. Alternatively, you can use your trees for a moonlight effect. This effect uses soft lights set high in the tree’s branches to shine a wide, gentle light around the tree, mimicking the moonlight. This effect creates a dramatic, eye-catching effect around your tree and gives the immediate area a magical, ethereal effect.

Good lighting offers a wealth of benefits for homeowners. It sets a tone, makes small spaces feel sizable, draws attention to the landscape’s best features. Great lighting ideas aren’t just about shining light on your home, it’s also about making your home look its best. Always remember these insights to make your home a sight for the eyes every time you take a look outside.

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