Real estate is an investment like any other, and like most investments, you may decide to sell your home for one reason or another. If you ever decide to sell your home, it’s critical you make the right investments early to increase the curb appeal and the value of the property with it. Additions to your home property like trees, amenities, and lighting can significantly improve your home’s value and provide a larger return on investment.

Lighting has several benefits for your home, and therefore its value when selling it. Quality lighting impacts the house’s security and aesthetics, making it a practical investment when either living on the property or selling it. To help you determine exactly what direction to take regarding your home lighting, here’s a short list of tips that can help improve your home’s value.

  • Evaluate your home from the curb

When planning any endeavour, first things first. Your first step should be to head out to the curb and see how your home looks from the outside with your own eyes. Assess the overall effect your outdoor lighting has on your home. Is everything outside getting the light it needs? Are there blind spots around your home that might provide access to the house? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself as you investigate your outdoor lighting.

Alternatively, you can also get a second opinion on your lighting. Get some feedback from guests and ask which areas might need more light. Many homeowners get used to the existing lighting and experience difficulty identifying which areas need improvement. A fresh pair of eyes can offer some perspective and give you new ideas.

  • Replace any broken fixtures

After your assessment, you may notice things you may have missed before, like broken or missing fixtures. These elements are particularly vital when selling your home. First impressions always matter, and potential buyers will be on the lookout for any factors that may influence their decision. Keeping features like your fixtures functional is a fine way to make a favourable impression.

This is also a good opportunity to update your outdoor lighting if you’re looking to update the house’s image. Consider updating the fixtures to more modern ones, or change the lights’ colours to warmer and more inviting ones.

Use your lights strategically to draw attention to external spaces
  • Add more light

When it comes to lighting your landscape, more light is usually best. This isn’t to mean that your outdoor spaces need to be bathed in light. Rather, it’s about ensuring there’s adequate light to see everything outside. For example, if you have any outdoor spaces like gazebos or paths, it’s a good idea to illuminate them to draw attention to those external features. Adding string lights to decks and patios is an eye-catching way to accentuate those areas, especially if you have guests over. While you’re at it, you can also shed some light on other interesting features of your home. For example, you might want to install spotlights in your eaves to draw attention to your columns and draw eyes there.

Set your lights high for maximum effect

  • Consider your vantage points

Height is always something to consider when setting up your lights. If you have vantage points around your home, like trees, you can set up lights in the trees to illuminate large portions of the landscape. Alternatively, you can set your lights up in a way to draw attention to your trees. If your trees feature gorgeous foliage or have a feature you want to show off (like a double trunk or an eye-catching curve), your lights can put a spotlight on that feature and put it on display. Just take care to protect your lights, lest pests steal them out of the trees.

  • Consider security

Lights do quite a bit more than help your home look its best. Your outdoor lighting also plays a vital role in your home security. Many outdoor lights work with in-build cameras, giving you more options for protecting your home. Your lights can eliminate blind sports criminals might use to sneak up to your home, discouraging break-in attempts and making you and your family that much safer. Basic outdoor lighting can do its part to keep trouble away, but you can also invest in additional features to improve security. For example, consider motion sensor lights. These lights activate on detecting motion outside. They can surprise and scare off would-be burglars, while also lighting up your landscape when you pass, giving you an interesting way of lighting up your outdoor space when you want to head outside.

Investing in landscape lighting has marked effects on your home’s aesthetics and security. When it comes to selling your home, your lighting can play a critical role in interesting potential buyers in your property and maximizing the value of the sale. Whether you’re considering selling your house or just keeping your options open, keep this short guide in mind to help you take the right steps with your lighting.

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