A time for backyard barbecues, beach trips, and outdoor fun, summer is the perfect family bonding time. With the right outdoor garden lighting, you will surely set up the perfect mood for any occasion.

Short of ideas? With these outdoor lighting tips, you can design a beautifully lit backyard that’s as hot and illuminating as the summer sun:

Choosing your Lighting

Designing your summer outdoor lighting requires a good sense of electronic and aesthetic knowledge. Different lighting varieties will bring and contribute their unique vibe. We’ve listed some of the best lighting options and a few tips to using each so you can have a clear picture of possible layouts.

Keep cool on your patio

1.Ceiling Fans with Lights
With the scorching summer heat, a ceiling fan with lights can be an excellent patio lighting idea. Instead of using hand fans or lugging an electric fan outside, you can easily turn on a single switch and — voila! Great for cabanas and backyard decks, these ceiling fans will help you feel as comfortable as possible on any occasion. Just make sure that you get the variety that’s designed for the outdoors. It has to be waterproofed and properly insulated.

2.Portable Lamps
Camping out in the backyard with the s’mores and stars is a great addition to your summer bucket list. With portable lamps, you can have guaranteed night camping fun. You can also light a campfire — just make sure to put it out when you’re about to sleep. Portable lamps, on the other hand, are a much safer lighting option for your family.

Pendant lights are popular due to the extensive list of design choices

3 .Pendant Lights
Easy to install and fix, pendant lights are the go-to choice for outdoor lighting. Available in a wide variety of designs, you can use them to spruce up your porches and gazebos in no time. These pendant lights usually hang low from the ceiling. When installing one, make sure that there’s enough headspace for your tallest family member.

4.Post Mounts
Ideal for pathways, post mounts are the ultimate fusion of style and ergonomics. This type of outdoor lighting can easily be modified to resemble a tiki torch, a paper bag lantern, or a mason jar. Its versatility allows you to place it in any kind of summer outdoor party.
It’s a decorative outdoor lighting device that can transform any location into a cozy, rustic space. You also have to remember that when installing post mounts, they have to be waterproofed and insulated.

5.Minimalism is Key
When it comes to outdoor lighting, you always have to work with nature. With the summer sun giving off too much light and heat during the day, in contrast, your lighting should be enough only to enhance the night setting. Putting up too many bulbs and decor might have your guests squinting and blinded or taken as too distracting. Your mantra should be to keep it chic, simple, and durable. You also have to ensure that the wiring of your lighting is properly secured to avoid any accidents.

Proper lighting placement will highlight a particular part of your landscape

6.Highlight the Landscape
Outdoor landscape lighting design can be tricky. This type of outdoor lighting not only provides light but also enhances the effects of the landscape. By using low voltage, in-ground bulbs you will be able to artfully create lightning angles that can make your space bigger and cozier. This lighting design is usually used for nighttime gatherings because it gives you more options to explore shadows and dark spaces, especially with your camera.

7.Be Subtle
Turning on your lamps to their full brightness is not suitable for outdoor lighting. Not only do you waste more electricity, but you will be clashing with the natural light outside. When installing outdoor lighting, make sure that it has a dimming feature. This way, you will be able to control the amount of light so it’s appropriate for the time and mood of the occasion. These subtle changes can create rippling effects that will make you, your family, and your guests more comfortable.

Outdoor Safety

Octopus connections are an electrical and fire hazard

Bulbs and lights will always have an electric hazard attached to them. Unpredictable weather and unforeseen events can cause accidents and misfires. However, you can always prevent these mishaps and minimize the damage by doing these safety tips:

  • GFCI Outlets
    Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are required by the Canadian Electrical Code as a safety precaution. These interrupters protect you from shocks and electrocution caused by water intrusion. When it comes to your outdoor lighting, these circuit interrupters can safeguard your lighting system during summer rains and morning dews. They are also found in bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, and basements.
  • Use Extension Cords
    Extension cords are usually used for long-distance electrical connections. For outdoor lighting, these extension cords can help you provide electricity throughout the space without installing individual sockets in every corner. However, these extension cords should be carefully insulated and suitable for the outdoors. With constant atmospheric moisture exposure, these extension cords should be the approved quality standard only.
  • Never Overload
    Octopus wiring is one of the most common causes of fire. Due to voltage overload, plugging in too many devices in a single socket can generate too much heat and cause spontaneous combustion. In outdoor lighting, octopus wiring is unavoidable since it can be difficult to install numerous electrical outlets. To prevent this, settle for a series circuit, which can allow you to flip one switch and turn on your entire backyard lighting.
  • Avoid Fire and Water
    When it comes to lighting placement, you should not only think of aesthetics but also safety. The location of your bulbs will play an integral factor in fire and shock prevention. The rule of thumb for outdoor summer lighting is to keep it away from flammable materials and bodies of water like a pool. Wiring should also not be buried underground, since soil water can seep in and damage your circuits.
  • Invest in Sensors
    Including motion sensors in your outdoor lighting system are a plus factor and a good investment. Not only do motion sensors give you that boost of luxury, but they can also help you save electric bills. Another upside is that they can also improve your home security. It lights up whenever it senses motion, alerting you to potentially suspicious activity. You don’t have to install them in every location. It’s best to keep them around entrances and pathways.
  • Quality Inspection
    Faulty wiring and accidents are likely caused by low-quality and poor standard materials. Your outdoor lighting should follow the guidelines of the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. Testing it in the hardware first and making sure that you have a product warranty is also advised. Before plugging in your outdoor lamps, check the socket and product voltage first if they match each other to avoid any circuit overload.

Improve your summer outdoor parties with the right lighting design

Outdoor summer occasions are some of the best times to make memories with friends and family. To make those camp-outs, barbecue events, pool parties, and stargazing gatherings more special, make sure to set up the perfect mood with the unique outdoor lighting techniques.

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