Canadians are renovating their homes and gardens at an unprecedented rate. Homeowners spent $8 billion USD on landscaping services in 2018. This number has been trending upward, year after year. People are looking to transform their homes and gardens into their unique, personalized dream space.

Landscape lighting is an easy way to overhaul your yard without committing to massive, disruptive change. You’ll see your property in a whole new light when you find your dream landscape lighting setup.

Landscape lighting isn’t just about aesthetics, either. Landscape lighting has been found to reduce home burglaries by 37%. Not only will your home be safer when you find the right lighting design, but it will also look fabulous. We wrote a guide to some of the season’s top lighting trends back in the spring. Let’s take another look at some inspiring landscape lighting ideas to help light up your imagination.

Trends are constantly changing. Home renovation trends change nearly as quickly as fashion. Last year’s innovation is this year’s old news. That being said, there’s never going to be a definitive style guide to landscape lighting trends. That’s why these are inspiring lighting trends. They’re intended to get you thinking about landscape renovation and lighting design, to help you dream up your own landscape lighting fantasy.

backyard in any color

1. Not Just White
Clean, simple white external lighting has been trending for years. Strands of fairy lights and bright, clear floods give a sense of timeless elegance, automatically making a property seem classier as well as more whimsical, all at the same time.

There can be too much of a good thing, however. People have been burning out on the white light trend in recent years. This is in large part due to the proliferation of excellent coloured lights currently on the market.

With the advent of smart lighting and LEDs, it’s never been easier to deck out your backyard in any colour you can dream of. Plus, in the case of smart lighting, you can change the colours at your whim, so you’re not stuck with just one colour scheme.

Pops of colour are an easy way to add some drama into your landscaping without having to make any significant structural changes.

moroccan style lights

2. Moroccan-Style Lights
Shadows are just as important as illumination when it comes to lighting design. They add negative space, serving as a counterpoint to the waterfalls of bright lights thrown by lighting fixtures, adding a sense of mystery and drama.

Shadows add some interesting textures to a space without having to change a thing. If you’re looking to make your yard or garden seem a bit more mysterious and magical, consider adding some form of lantern fixture to your lighting design.

Moroccan-style lamps feature detailed, intricate metalwork that transforms your landscape with a riot of shadows. They also have a timelessness and history associated with their scrolled shadows, instantly bringing to mind ancient temples and verdant hanging gardens.

grazing is a technique

3. Grazing
Lighting design is all about working with what you have in new and novel ways. Focusing attention on a specific spot is one way to bring that detail out, similar to the depth of field you find in photography.

Grazing is a technique where you position a light close to the surface you’re looking to draw attention to. It’s similar to painting with texture, helping to emphasize interesting bark from a tree, for instance, or the patina of old metal.

delicate elegant light

4. Fairy Lights
We already talked about the prevalence of twinkly little fairy lights when discussing white lighting. Not all fairy lights are white, however, and delicate, elegant light clusters will never go out of season.

Fairy lights feature dainty lights or clusters, often on a string. They automatically add a sense of whimsy to any space, transforming your backyard into something out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

If you’re looking for something a bit more distinctive than what you’d find in some pastoral wedding ceremony, looking into coloured fairy lights. You could go with a soft pastel if you’re still looking for the delicacy and elegance of white lights. Alternatively, you could go with something bolder if you’re looking for some more intense dramatic action.

5. Solar Patio Lights
Green home products have been in for years, as we move towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly society. Green lighting solutions aren’t merely good for the environment, however. They’re also good for your wallet and even your landscaping design, as they often eliminate the need for intrusive wires and bulky batteries.

Solar-powered patio lights have been a landscape lighting trend for several years now. They’re an excellent way to add a subtle, soft glow to mark a pathway or to draw attention to a particular landscape fixture.

Do keep in mind that solar-powered patio lights are often not as bright as their wired counterparts. They’re an attractive way to add accents and subtle glamour to a space but, if you’re looking for actual illumination, you might do better seeking different landscape lighting in Toronto and environs.

bold direct lighting

6. Bold, Direct Lighting
Subtlety is great and all, but there’s a time and a place for bright, bold statements. Bright direct lighting is also a popular landscape lighting trend for those with a sense of drama. Alternatively, if you just happen to have some striking features in your landscaping that everyone needs to see.

Bold lighting fixtures are an easy way to add strong, direct lighting to your space. They’re also a way to accentuate certain features, similar to grazing which we discussed earlier. Gardens, patios, and outside entertaining areas become illuminated oases in a sea of darkness, emanating coziness, contentment, and a sense of ethereal beauty to a particular area.

Certain lighting fixtures become conversation pieces in-and-of-themselves. Spherical lighting fixtures become glowing orbs, for instance, once the sun goes down. You can also experiment with interest-themed lighting fixtures, too, like retro neon signs.

These lighting design trends should be enough to spark your imagination. They’ll get you thinking about what features you’d like to accent and how to play with light and shadow. You’ll be thinking like a lighting designer, so you’ll be ready to go when it’s time to find landscape lighting in Oakville or the surrounding areas.

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