When homeowners venture outside to enjoy the sunshine, they want their property looking its best. Before diving into that landscaping project you’ve been planning, consider whether your lighting system will serve your needs this season. The wear and tear of winter can take a toll on exterior fixtures and wiring, and a thorough inspection is needed to protect the safety of your visitors and provide the visual effects you desire. Give that gorgeous garden the attention it deserves with some subtle highlighting, guiding the eyes of your holiday guests.

With a simple spring tune-up, you can give your lighting a head start after winter, and then sit back and savour the sweet summer sun.

Key Steps in a Lighting Inspection

Spotting issues promptly prevents further damage.

  • Functioning

    Not every lighting issue will be immediately apparent, so do a sequential test as well as a physical examination. You don’t want to discover that a seemingly-fine light is a problem later on. To be assured of safety and efficiency, have an expert conduct the assessment. They will recognize signs of wear and tear or faulty wiring that the average homeowner might not detect.

  • broken glass can hide

  • Broken Bulbs or Fixtures

    After disconnecting lights from their power source, inspect each bulb for cracks or chips, and promptly remove any damaged ones. A cracked bulb is likely to result in glass shards on your property, which can be troublesome to clean up amid grass and greenery. This should be done before summer heats up, since kids or guests may then be exploring in sandals (or bare feet!). Make sure to inspect each fixture housing as well, since cracks in the protective casing can result in loose bulbs and an increased likelihood of damage from the elements.


  • Cleanliness

    Cleaning each light will help prevent overheating. Any loose leaves should be removed since they’re a heating hazard and a detriment to your design. To achieve optimal illumination the fixtures should be unimpeded by new plant growth, and their surfaces should be clean.
    First, disconnect lights before cleaning, to prevent electrical shock. Wipe the exterior of each unit with a damp cloth, using a little soap if necessary. Work slowly to avoid getting moisture into electrical elements. If you removed the light from its fixture housing, allow all pieces to dry completely before reassembly.

  • Loose or Damaged Wiring

    Check for tears in all the exposed lines in your yard. Ensure that all wiring is secure since the ever-changing natural environment can result in loosened or dislodged wires. Make sure all fastenings are holding firm, and that the lines don’t show signs of breakage where they connect to the fixtures. Always use specially insulated outdoor wiring for yard and garden lighting. Indoor wiring can’t withstand the changing moisture and temperature levels of the outdoors.

  • make sure cooking areas are iliminated

  • Check the Positioning

    You may need to reposition lights to suit new circumstances. Perhaps a sapling has grown to the point where it deserves uplighting, or a newly installed fountain warrants extra sparkle. If your old lights don’t match their current surroundings, you could end up with more shadows instead of less. This could create a safety issue if visibility is compromised.
    In some cases, lights may merely need to be rearranged or adjusted slightly; the winter lighting around a deck, for example, may no longer serve your needs as those summer barbecue sessions approach.

If the changing landscape of your property means old lights are not powerful enough, it may be time for a system upgrade.

Why Upgrade?

The lighting industry is rapidly evolving, with increasingly user-friendly — and eco-friendly — options coming out each season. Late spring is an ideal time to make lighting decisions, before the busy days of summer are upon us. Once the kids are home from school, yard work can get a little more challenging!

If you’re selling your house, a system upgrade can improve curb appeal and dramatically increase property values. First impressions are vital in the housing market, and the right lighting will bring out the very best of your property. An expert can help identify areas to highlight and which lighting choices will be most impactful to buyers.

An upgrade also enhances the safety of your property by reducing shadows and potential hiding spots (which could be of particular interest to buyers with young children). An upgrade can be cost-efficient, and a free consultation will give you a range of options to suit your budget and preferences.

System Upgrades

When debating significant enhancements, consider the following factors.

    Colour: With coloured LED bulbs, you can celebrate birthdays and special celebrations. Bulbs that change colours are sure to delight kids and summer guests. You can even program pre-set patterns, creating an entrancing light show in your backyard.
    led lights save on energy costs

    Energy Efficiency: LED lights are affordable and eco-friendly. If your old system did not contain LED lights, consider the potential savings. LED lights last a remarkable ten times longer than halogen bulbs. A technician can help you switch out old lights to get the look you want while keeping energy usage down. Another energy-saving tool is a smart timer; the newest devices can even adjust their schedule to match seasonal changes, meaning lights come on later as the days grow longer.

    control your led lights from the palm

    Controls: The latest innovations in lighting technology allow owners to control the entire system from their smartphone. Stay within the comfort of your home while making adjustments to your system, immediately enhancing the safety and stylishness of your property.

    Safety: Several factors can influence a need for increased security. Perhaps a new baby has joined the family. A new car purchase, a new exterior renovation, a meticulously designed garden — all can increase a homeowner’s interest in protective measures. Visibility is the enemy of vandals and intruders.

    With children freed from school hours, they’re likely to be playing outside later in the day. Enhancing visibility in all play areas will reduce the risk of falls and accidents. As the time for summer entertaining approaches, make sure family and guests are safer on your property.

Whether you’re just freshening up your lighting scheme or going for a full upgrade, a lighting expert can check the efficiency of your current system. Consulting with a professional will guarantee that no issues remain hidden, and that energy efficiency is maximized. When an upgrade is in order, licensed technicians will design and build your lighting scheme, working with you to create the desired stylistic effect.

summer lighting shows offrou

Outdoor lighting can make a tremendous difference to the curb appeal of your home, so take time to make an informed choice. For a free consultation, contact us here, or speak to one of our lighting experts at (416) 227-1666. We will inspect your property and tailor our recommendations to your budget.

Whether you require routine maintenance or a ground-up design, Augusta Green Sprinklers is happy to work with homeowners throughout Oakville and Toronto.