Lawn sprinklers can be a great tool to help your yard and garden grow properly. Your flowers, grass, and vegetables need plenty of water to grow strong and healthy. Proper watering is key to getting the perfect lawn. However, getting your grass to be fresh and green can take some effort on your part. You can make the job much easier by getting the right lawn sprinkler system and knowing how to use it properly. Take these insights in mind to help you make an informed decision.
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Why Get Lawn Sprinklers?

Lawn sprinklers are a cost-effective and efficient answer to the question of how to water your lawn and plants. Using a hose is a much less attractive prospect because it’s a much less efficient use of water. It’s harder to tell if you’re watering your lawn as effectively with a hose. Investing in a lawn sprinkler system helps ensure your plants get the right amount of water and in the right places. A more efficient watering system helps keep your plants from experiencing drought, giving you a greener lawn and healthier plants.

As an added bonus, sprinklers can also bring automation to the table. Tools like WiFi smart timers allow your sprinklers to be set to water the lawn at specific times. Use these new tools to help adjust the system for maximum efficiency.

Choosing The Ideal Sprinklers For Your Needs

When it comes to picking the right sprinklers, it’s vital you think about the factors first. There are some factors that can help you identify the lawn sprinkler system that’s right for you. Homeowners should consider the area being watered, the type of soil, how much water you have available, and what kind of system you’re installing. In general, a larger lawn area may be more complicated to install, which can be something to consider. It’s generally a good idea to consult professional help to help facilitate installing your new sprinkler system.

Types of Sprinklers

The most critical asset when irrigating your lawn is timing. Getting the right kind of sprinkler can help save a ton of time, not to mention water. There are many types of sprinklers available to choose from. Knowing what each one can do can help narrow down your choices to find the ideal match with your lawn.

most common sprinkler type

  • Spray systems – Spray sprinkler systems are the most common type of sprinklers available to most homeowners. This type of system installs long tubes into your lawn which are connected to a water source. The lines lead to sprayers that spray water over the grass. Spray sprinklers are ideal for flat ground and light, permeable soil. They also do well in smaller areas that need plenty of water in a short time; consider using them when you have a smaller lawn to look after.
  • Drip systems – Drip irrigation systems are less common, but they still see plenty of use. In this system, tubes are also installed under the lawn. These tubes have holes situated at precise distances set specifically for the area where they provide irrigation. In contrast to a spray system, a drip system sprinkles water closer to the roots of your plants rather than spray water through the air. These sprinklers use less water than spray systems and provide more precise irrigation. This makes a drip system an economical, practical choice, especially during the hot summer months.

Using Your Lawn Sprinklers Properly

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After you’ve got your perfect lawn sprinklers, it’s time to use them. There are plenty of benefits to using lawn sprinklers, but there are some tips and tricks you can use to make sure you get the most out of them. Using your sprinklers correctly can go a long way toward helping you use less water when irrigating your lawn.
best time to irrigate

      • Water in the morning – In general, early morning is the ideal time to water your lawn. Watering later is generally less efficient as the heat helps the water evaporate. At earlier times, temperatures are still low and breezes are relatively calm, resulting in minimal evaporation and more water for your plants. Watering in the morning also helps keep the lawn fresh; the water helps keep the grass cool as the day gets hotter, putting less stress on your grass overall.
      • Water deeply – When watering, the water must seep deeply into the ground. To do that, water slowly to let the soil absorb water and let the water penetrate deeper underground. Check your soil to find out how absorbent it is and find out if it’s getting enough water. The screwdriver test is a simple way to find out. After watering the lawn, take a screwdriver and see if it can penetrate around 15 centimetres into the soil. About 15 centimetres is the depth of a healthy grass root system, so that’s a good way of estimating if you’re watering deeply enough.

regular maintenance

      • Perform regular maintenance – As with other things, it’s a good idea to give your sprinklers regular maintenance to keep them operating at peak efficiency. Inspect your lawn regularly for anything out of the ordinary (e.g. flooded areas, random water spray, or dry patches of grass). These issues can point to problems with the sprinkler system. For example, wet spots could indicate a leak, while strange sprays could indicate a clogged sprinkler. Regular maintenance helps you keep your lawn sprinkler system in good working order and keeps it running efficiently.
      • Avoid overwatering – A common mistake is adding too much water too often. Overwatering happens when you water the lawn too often, which doesn’t give the soil enough time to absorb all the water. Too much water can result in runoff instead of providing ample water for the plants. Rather than water a little every day, water thoroughly every three days instead. Less frequent watering encourages the roots to reach further down for more water, making them more stable in the long-term.
      • Create multiple watering zones – Making multiple water zones can help combat the issue of runoff and flooding. Arrange your yard into different zones for more efficient watering. For example, water your trees and shrubs separately from the grass to allow each type of plant to get sufficient water. This system lets you water your plants while allowing the grass to have some of the runoff. Then you can make up the difference for the lawn by strategically placing your sprinklers in areas where they only reach the grass.

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