In addition to regular lawn care (e.g., pruning and cleaning), proper water treatment is essential for a lush lawn to exist. This is where a lawn sprinkler system comes in handy.

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But what is a lawn sprinkler? Why is it beneficial to install one, and why do you need to do it now? This article can help you achieve your goal of creating an irrigation system that will be the envy of your neighbours, whether you are currently upgrading or still planning. It will also help you understand why installing one is the ideal solution for keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful.

What Is a Lawn Sprinkler System?

Lawn sprinklers are devices that distribute water in a spray, irrigating a residential lawn or garden. Its invention is attributed to J. Lesser, who created the first sprinkler patent design in 1871. Integrated sprinkler systems forever changed the agriculture sector, much to the farmer’s delight, in 1932 when Orton Englehardt made them widely available. He invented sprinkler systems that could cover more ground. Since then, they have undergone multiple innovations that extended their advantages to home and even workspace lawns!

In addition, a progressive farmer contributor, Dan Crummett, has this to say about modern irrigation technology inventions. He posits that manufacturers of irrigation systems have been trying to reinvent sprinkler systems so they function more as “hired hands” than merely as efficient devices used for watering crops.

There are various types of sprinklers for your lawn. If you are unsure of what to use, you can always consult a lawn or garden sprinkler specialist.

Lawn Sprinkler System: What Are the Benefits?

From the time, manual labour to regulated water distribution, a properly installed lawn sprinkler system can benefit you in numerous ways. Here’s how:

A cost-saving lawn care investment

Even though installing a lawn sprinkler can be pricey, in the long run, all its advantages can make it a worthwhile investment for lawn care. There is the factor of a decrease in your utility bills due to water wastage reduction.

With modern irrigation inventions, manufacturers have been able to create controllers. Some of these controllers will detect the amount of rainwater and automatically turn off the system. This way, you will conserve water. And when you conserve water, you are reducing your water bills. A sure-fire way to save while enjoying sprinkler benefits.

When you don’t have that large property, do away with purchasing bulky, extravagant sprinklers for large lawns. Instead, you can go for subtle in-ground lawn sprinkler systems that will fit your budget.

Substantial water distribution

As stated above, innovative automatic sprinkler systems feature controllers and sensors to detect rainwater and soil moisture. The sprinkler will distribute the right amount of water needed to keep your lawn in pristine condition. Compare this to manual watering which can potentially drown your lawn and garden plants if the water is not controlled.

You can also adjust a stationary sprinkler head to ensure adequate water distribution. This can help lower the water pressure on a spray head to prevent oversaturation of your plants and lawn. With this, you can also optimize your watering schedule.

Preserved soil nutrients

Scheduled irrigation will help you with soil-nutrient retention and improved lawn productivity. Automatic sprinklers that produce controlled amounts of water will help your soil absorb the proper nutrients it needs to distribute them to your plants. Meanwhile, watering your lawn by hand might cause water runoff that will carry away those valuable nutrients the soil needs. Oversaturation can also result in compact soil around your plants, impeding their growth and causing their deterioration.

Automatic lawn sprinklers will promote extensive plant root systems’ development, preventing plant drought and other hazardous effects which can wither your lawn, lessening its vibrant and lush appearance.

Reduced weed growth and plant diseases’ occurrence

Modern irrigation systems will allow you to spot the areas requiring a sufficient water supply. Examples are drip systems, capable of directing the water into the root system of specific plants. Weeds will not be able to grow because you will deprive them of water. Moreover, with automatic lawn sprinklers, you don’t need to worry about excess standing water, where fungi and plant diseases usually start occurring.


Automatic lawn sprinklers are a great alternative for manual sprinkling

When installing lawn sprinkler systems, you are relieved of doing hand watering. By clicking and adjusting a few screws, the sprinkler will do all the work for you. So, you no longer have to worry about watering your lawn when you’re relaxing in your reading corner, feeding your toddler, or swimming in your backyard pool. This is especially beneficial for homeowners with large lawns, the elderly who quickly get tired doing manual labour, and those with hectic schedules.

Programmable sprinklers can also help you oversee your lawn maintenance when you frequently travel because of vacation, conferences, and other out-of-town engagements. Depending on your lawn’s requirements and how long you will be away, you can conveniently set them to water your lawn and garden weekly or daily.

Should you have questions, for example, about the best sprinklers for large lawns or tiny gardens, you can always find a reliable lawn sprinkler company near you that specializes in providing any service pertaining to an expert lawn sprinkler system installation.

Healthy, vibrant, and attractive lawn

Automatic sprinklers will help keep your garden healthy and beautiful

You want to avoid a sickly-looking lawn with trash, withered plants, and overgrown grass strewn on it as much as you can. An unhealthy lawn will also attract plant diseases that might be hazardous to your family and pets. Furthermore, your visitors will be discouraged from visiting your place if you can’t care for your lawn correctly.

An automatic lawn sprinkler ensures you have well-maintained gardens and grounds that are a sight to behold.

Increased property value

Through a functional sprinkler system, a well-maintained garden will improve your property’s marketability. A well-kept and well-tended garden and lawn can easily attract potential buyers. This can also mean that you are experienced and knowledgeable in the proper maintenance, not just of your outdoor space but also of the interior space of your property. In line with this, the money you’ve saved from conserving water can be put aside to level up other property areas that require a retouch. This will boost your property’s resale value even more.

Good for the environment

The benefits mentioned above will lead to one significant advantage: helping the environment. Irrigation systems provide a substantial amount of water to help your plants, soil, and lawn get the proper nutrients, conserving water and balancing oxygen production.


Having a lawn sprinkler system on your residential or commercial property is key to keeping your plants and your entire lawn nourished and beautiful. On top of these benefits, you can help your environment by conserving water through well-regulated water distribution and decreased water bills. You won’t even realize that automatic lawn sprinkler systems exist because they perform all the major work for you.

You will be able to reduce your expenses and also avoid hand-watering your plants to keep them healthy. With lawn water sprinklers, you’ll indeed get a high return value on the money you spend with the multiple benefits they can offer.

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Now that you have a clear set of reasons to consider installing lawn sprinklers, you need to take the next step: sourcing a lawn sprinkler company that offers quality lawn sprinklers in Toronto.

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