Fall is a very good time to prepare your sprinkler system for the winter months. When the temperature drops, it’s important to protect your sprinkler systems from any potential damage in the near future. Use these tips to keep your sprinklers in prime condition throughout the year.

  • Winterize the system – Like plumbing, it’s important to winterize your sprinkler system early. Freezing water expands, which can cause pipes to rupture. Empty the water system to avoid potential damage when it freezes. You can also introduce controlled amounts of air into the system, removing any remaining water.
  • Insulate outdoor pipes – Exposed pipes are at risk of freezing as it gets colder. Over time, any remaining water can expand and damage the pipes, causing leaks when it gets warmer. Insulate these pipes to prevent freezing and disconnect garden hoses that may cause leaks.
  • Look for puddling – Keep watch for any perpetually wet spots in the yard. Persistent puddling (especially when sprinklers are off) can indicate a line break. Find the cause of the leak before it gets cold. If the water freezes, the expansion can widen the crack, compounding the damage.


  • Inspect sprinkler heads – Check your sprinkler heads to see that they work properly. Be sure to repair any blocked or misaligned sprinklers immediately. Be aware of any water what may be squirting from the heads, or from anywhere where they shouldn’t release water. These can be signs of a nearby leak.
  • Check for backflow – Sprinkler systems (especially automatic systems) contain a backflow preventer to protect your drinking water. Inspect the backflow preventer during the fall to ensure that it can maintain water flow. Remember to inspect the preventer every year to avoid costly repairs.
  • Clear debris – Clean up any debris from gutters and rain spouts before the winter. Clogged debris can cause overflow and divert water from where it’s needed most. Keep your gutters clear to enable better irrigation for your lawn.
  • Install a rain sensor – If you don’t already have one, consider investing in a rain sensor. Smart upgrades to your sprinkler system can improve efficiency. During the fall months, rain is more frequent, prompting the sensor to shut off the sprinklers. If you find yourself guessing when you should turn off the system, this can be an excellent investment.

Use these tips together, along with the advice from a landscape irrigation service, to achieve your best results. Professional advice can help you get the best from your sprinkler system, maintaining its condition for when spring returns.


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