Digital tools are becoming increasingly popular, even when it comes to your irrigation system. Smart irrigation tools can help improve your system’s efficiency, giving you more options for efficient watering.

Consider these benefits of smart irrigation for your yard or garden:

  • Reduces water waste – The most obvious benefit of smart irrigation is how it optimizes the amount of water the system uses. Smart systems can adjust your system and its schedule to best meet your plants’ needs. They can also detect climate conditions and moisture content in the soil for optimal irrigation schedules.
  • Saves money – Optimized irrigation systems are less likely to cost you money. Failing to use an efficient irrigation system can potentially lead to overwatering parts of the landscape, resulting in rising water bills up. Smart irrigation can be set to provide just enough water for your plants and finding the best times to water. For example, you can use these tools to avoid watering when it rains, or when the sun is too hot.
  • Provides convenience – Many smart tools can do much of the work for you (e.g. rain sensors can turn off the system in case of rain). These conveniences also work automatically. Even if you aren’t at home, you can still rest easy knowing that your irrigation system is properly maintained and controlled. Many smart options are also compatible with your devices, allowing you to adjust your system from anywhere.


  • Improves your landscape – An optimized system beautifies your landscape. Under and over watering are both detrimental to the health of your plants. Proper irrigation can ensure that every plant gets the correct amount of water. This can be especially helpful if your current system is prone to overwatering certain areas of your lawn or garden.
  • Saves water for later – One added benefit of conserving water now is that it gives you more water for future use. Using smart irrigation to control your water can also give future generations more resources to work with. Responsible water use can also encourage your neighbours to do the same, optimizing water conservation efforts.
  • Supplies helpful information – Water controllers also provide important data  to work with your sprinkler system. If you are interested in further saving water, this data can help you identify where you’re using it. People who need irrigation for work can use this feature to bring down additional costs.

Smart irrigation provides a number of benefits to help you improve your lawn and garden. Using them can make your system more efficient economically and environmentally. To benefit, consider upgrading to a sprinkler system in Toronto.


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