Overwatering is a common mistake. Although this may not sound too problematic, overwatering can cause significant damage to your lawn. Overwatering can also be a sign of inefficient watering, which will increase your water bills.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent this. Use these tips to maintain your lawn and avoid overwatering:

  • Watch for signs – There are some telltale signs that will help know if your lawn is being overwatered. Keep an eye out for signs like folding leaf blades or wilting on your plants. Walk around your lawn and see if the lawn feels spongy, as this can be a sign of more water than the soil can absorb. Additionally, be aware of any fungal growth or bare patches on the lawn.
  • Optimize your sprinklers – Monitor your system closely to ensure that it gives the lawn just enough water. Inspect the system for any oversaturated areas and adjust the sprinklers, if necessary (e.g. in case of blockage or overshooting). Cracks in the system can also seep into the soil. Locate leaks and seal them to avoid releasing excess water.
  • Use the weather – Some cases of overwatering occur when the sprinklers turn on during rainy weather conditions. Consider installing rain and moisture sensors with your system to avoid wasting water. These devices can detect weather patterns and moisture in the soil, activating the sprinklers as needed. Pay attention to the seasons, as this can aid in predicting weather patterns.


  • Consider your soil – Soil conditions can affect the amount of water that your lawn can contain. For example, clay soil can be oversaturated easily, leading to runoff. Be aware of the need of the soil in your yard to avoid oversaturation. Consult a landscape irrigation service for advice on your soil quality.
  • Water infrequently – Ideally, plants will require less water. Most native plants are adapted to the average rainfall. Infrequent watering also  pushes plants to develop their roots deeper into the ground. This gives them better protection against heat stress and insect damage.

When thinking of installing sprinkler systems in Toronto, research your local climate and conditions. This can help you take different factors into account before making any final decisions. Consult a landscaping expert for professional advice on how to best care for your lawn.


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