If you want to have a beautiful green lawn and healthy garden in the summer, there’s no avoiding it; you need to give them water. Many people want a green lawn, but also care about the environment and conserving water. Did you know that one of the best ways to care for your lawn and conserve water is through a home installed sprinkler system?

What Is A Home Sprinkler System?

Home sprinkler systems are an efficient and cost-effective way to keep your lawn and garden looking green and beautiful. They are custom installed by a company that specialized in sprinkler system designs to be automated and make the job of keeping a lawn as care-free as possible.

The sprinkler system uses a system of underground pipes and sprinkler heads that will water your lawn and garden at a set time and make sure the plants get exactly the moisture they need – not too much and not too little. You can set them to run day or night, depending on your preference.

How To Make Your Sprinkler System Eco-Friendlier

It is a good question — when the purpose of a sprinkler system is to distribute water to plants when they need it, how can it be eco-friendly? One notable way is through water conservation. Modern sprinkler systems use efficient types of sprinkler heads to maximize and conserve the water they use.

Here are some tips for creating an eco-friendly sprinkler system for your lawn.

    1. Use high-efficiency sprinkler heads – A major benefit of modern sprinkler systems is their efficiency – both in saving water and saving energy. These sprinkler heads use just the right amount of pressure to deliver the water where your lawn and plants can use it and make sure that none is wasted or pooling in areas that don’t need it, like your sidewalk.
    Modern sprinkler heads also spray water in ways that maximize it – for example, some sprayer heads are designed to shoot out water in a stream rather than a fine mist. This change is crucial, as it allows for more uniform irrigation, and the larger water drops from the streams don’t evaporate before they get down to the plant roots.

    Modern sprinklers also make the most of lower pressure, but with sprayers that will still reach farther distances – this means you use less water but are still able to cover a large area of lawn or garden with a uniform spray.

    avoid leaks

    2. Watch for leaks – If you have the most up-to-date sprinkler heads and systems and your pipes spring a leak, it can be costly for your wallet — and the environment. It is important to have a system that works efficiently and to make sure it is properly maintained throughout the year. A good sprinkler system company will design and install your system and make sure it is working properly.

    3. Always water at the best time of day for your lawn – Many water irrigation systems can be set to automatic controls that follow a set schedule. This means you can take advantage of watering your lawn in off-peak times and you don’t have to get up in the wee hours of the morning to do it.
    The early morning is the best time of day to water your lawn and garden. Watering during the heat of the day means a lot of wasted water and money. Most of the water gets evaporated and doesn’t get to the roots where the plant can use it. Many municipalities charge more for water during the day, so this can also be money that stays in your wallet.

    Avoid watering during the evening, as this could cause mould and diseases on your plants if the water doesn’t properly evaporate before dark. You can also take advantage of using less power by watering in the off-peak hours between 7 pm and 7 am.

    use high efficiency

    4. Choose the best kind of sprinklers for your needs – A reputable lawn care company will be able to create a sprinkler system that is tailor-made for the needs of your lawn and garden, with specific heads and hoses designed to deliver the maximum benefit and water conservation. This will make sure each area gets the water it needs without overwatering.
    An example of this is using a soaker hose to deliver water in a low-pressure drip to a garden bed. This gets the water right to the plant roots without losing some to evaporation. A high-pressure sprinkler head is better suited to a large yard where it can deliver a high volume of water to a large area.

    Matching your sprinkler heads to specific zones allows you to target your water usage where it is most effective and helps reduce your overall usage and water and energy costs.

    use a stylish rain barrell

    5. Use rainwater (or greywater) for your irrigation system – One excellent way to conserve water is to use a system of rainwater collection tanks to water your lawn and garden. It is estimated that 2200 litres of water can be collected for every inch of rain that falls on every open area of 300 square metres. That’s a lot of water.

    These tanks can be placed at the downspout of your eavestroughs and will gather rainwater from your roof. They can be made from an old barrel or bin, or you can find many stylish rain barrel options at your local hardware store. Simply hook up your sprinkler system to your rain barrel to make use of this conserved water.

    avoid watering your lawn

    6. Use a weather sensor – Nothing can be more irritating than watching a heavy rain pour down on your lawn, delivering moisture from the clouds and then having your sprinkler system pop up and start watering at the same time. You can avoid this by using a weather sensor that will turn your system off and on based on the weather conditions and help reduce unnecessary watering.

    A weather sensor can be installed with your timer and automation system. This will make sure that there is no more watering during a thunderstorm, freezing weather ,or when it is windy and all your water just blows away.

go green with your sprinkler system

A modern sprinkler system will help keep your lawn and garden looking green and help you conserve water and energy.

If you need help finding an eco-friendly sprinkler system for your home or property in the Toronto or Mississauga area, contact Augusta Green Sprinklers or give us a call at 416-227-1666. Our expert team will be happy to assist you in the design, installation and maintenance of your sprinkler system.