For many, homes look much better with a touch of green leaves and bright flowers but, every Canadian homeowner who ever had or has a lawn knows it is not a walk in the park especially in terms of cost. The average per hour cost of lawn services is around $40 to $80. And that is just the professional services. A heftier price tag comes in the form of wasted water because of lawn watering mistakes you are probably committing.

The Price of a Beautiful Lawn

optimize water usage

In 2016, Emily Hashem made it to the national news when her infamous $1,400 water bill for three months’ use came in the mail. It was a story that exposed the reality of having a beautiful and vibrant lawn — that it can come with an equally outrageous water bill.

In her interview, Hashem shared that she was happy to receive that first sod of grass for her lawn. The landscapers allegedly told her to water the new grass for 24 hours a day, which she did for three days straight. She proceeded to keep her sprinklers on for 5 more days, using up so much water that the city had to send her an automated message warning her of a possible leak due to high water consumption.

Hashem learned her lawn watering mistake the hard way, but she is not the only one. That year, the city earned a surplus of $5 million dollars for water usage.

Watering Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Effective water management is crucial to the health of your lawn. If the soil is saturated, the growth of roots, photosynthesis, and leaves is inhibited. The soil should have the right amount of moisture to help the grass grow properly, but watering a lawn can be tricky.

Knowing when, how much, and how long you need to be watering your lawn allows you to maintain its appearance and health. This knowledge also gives you the ability to protect yourself from staggering water bills.

Here are some common watering mistakes you need to avoid:

dont neglect your turf

All living things need water. Turf grass is not an exception. Water contains vital nutrients it needs to grow healthy and green. You cannot depend on rainfall alone, especially during the summer when dry spells are rampant and rainy days are few and far between.

You can water your lawn manually or set up an irrigation system. Ample amounts of water are especially crucial within a year of starting your lawn. How much water grass needs depends on factors like the climate and type of grass you are growing.


A common and costly lawn watering mistake is overwatering. Too much water is just as bad as the lack of it. Excessive watering can suffocate your lawn. It starves your soil by reducing the amount of oxygen, which is a necessary component for promoting deep root growth and overall grass health.

Overwatering is often the result of homeowners either not knowing how much water their grass needs or not keeping a close eye on their sprinkler system. Homeowners with sprinkler systems need to monitor, adjust, and reset the settings. This should depend on the season or weather to ensure that the lawn grass gets the right amount of water it needs whether in extreme heat or during heavy downpours.

Watering at the Wrong Time

there is a right time for everything
Timing is also an important factor to consider when it comes to growing your plants. Just as there is a proper time for planting, so is there a proper time for watering.

Midday is one of the worst times to water your grass. The heat causes the water to evaporate faster than your grass can absorb it. Watering during nighttime is another bad idea. Humidity attracts fungus and mildew and can lead to root rot.

Experts recommend watering your turf in the early morning only. They say that the best time for watering your lawn is between 4 to 8 o’clock in the morning just as the sun is rising. It gives your plants time to absorb the necessary nutrients before the water evaporates at noon.

Watering on Rainy Days

Rainwater is nature’s way of keeping plants hydrated; there is no need for you to water them on these days. Additionally, a plant’s metabolic requirements are reduced during colder months.

If your plants are on hanging baskets or other containers that are partly hidden from the sun or rain, they may need watering. However, for your grass and the rest of the plants that are exposed to the elements, save on time and money and let the rain work its wonders.

Inaccurate Settings of the Irrigation System

monitor and adjust accordingly

If you rely on your sprinkler system to deliver water to your lawn, you need to make sure that it’s set up properly. These days, irrigation systems with smart timers are available. It automates your sprinkling activities so all you need to do is pick the time and the duration your sprinkler system is activated.

Check the settings. Adjust them according to weather conditions.

Wrong Irrigation System

Did you know that there are different sprinkler and irrigation systems for different types of lawns? The modern sprinklers used today are focused on efficient irrigation. If the lawn watering system installed in your property is not the best one for the kind of weather, terrain, and grass you are growing, you will end up wasting money and time.

There are systems designed for residential use while others are built for use in much wider areas such as golf courses and sports fields. Choosing the right irrigation system allows you to save on both initial and maintenance costs. When in doubt, seek the advice of professionals so you can make the most of your investment.

maximize water consumption

Because all these mistakes can be detrimental to your grassy turf, you will end up consuming large amounts of water without anything to show for it. The secret to nourishing any plant is to pay attention to its needs. Grow a healthy and beautiful lawn by understanding the watering requirements of your grass — and save on your water bill while you’re at it.

Better yet, set up a functional irrigation system that will allow you to regulate your water consumption and preserve the vibrance of your lawn.

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