When autumn comes and dried leaves gather up into piles, it can be challenging to maintain the upkeep of your garden. Here are a few tips to help you care for your lawn in the fall.

Best Time for Lawn Care

While it may not seem like the best time to do some gardening, fall is in fact a critical time to care for your lawn. Here’s why:

  • Bonus Compost Supply

Fallen leaves can be turned into compost

Piled-up leaves during fall can be such a colourful sight. Fiery and warm, they bring a rustic feel to your garden and home. However, with dried leaves unevenly smothering the grass, you might end up with unsightly brown patches during the spring.

Instead of letting those crunchy leaves bunch up, rake them instead and gather them for mulch. This additional stock of compost can greatly help your garden recover its beauty during spring. 

  • Spread the Seed

Bare lawns are a common problem after fall and winter. Any delay in garden regermination during spring could lead to weed infestation and overgrowth. So, instead of waiting for winter to end, try overseeding. Plant as many buds as possible at the start of fall.

Not only do the seeds retain more moisture, but they get to store extra nutrients from the dried leaves. The seeds that have survived the harsh cold would be the toughest and healthiest. 

Say No to Weed

Uproot weed during fall
Weeds are the bane of growing plants. They suck out all the available minerals and water. During fall, weeds tend to hibernate and wait for the spring to come.

In the fall, weeds have enough time to gather the moisture, nutrients, and fertilizer they need to come back with full force during spring. So, instead of waiting for their invasion, the fall is the perfect time for you to root them out. 

  • Better Preparation

Dubbed as your lawn’s “dormant phase”, the winter and fall seasons are a time for plants to accumulate all the nourishment that the cool season provides. However, you can’t simply rely on the weather to nourish your garden. By having a sprinkler system installation in the fall, you can guarantee that all parts of your lawn are watered and healthy.

Lawn equipment installation during spring might disturb the natural growth of your plants. Soil movement can disrupt the germination cycle.  Fall gives you more time to install invasive lawn mechanisms while your plants are dormant. 

Nutrient Prep

Fall is the right time to prep plants with enough fertilizer for the coming winter
A great fertilizer should include the 3 main nutrients that are essential for plant growth — nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each bag should have an accurate measurement of every mineral to ensure healthy budding. Fall gives you enough time to prepare your lawn before the cold winter settles in.

However, plant nutrient needs can vary at different times of the year. During the cold winter, the plant roots can significantly weaken and wilt, this is why the need for nitrogen increases. By using organic and measured fertilizer during fall, you can give your lawn balanced nutrition during the season. 

Lawn Maintenance Tips

Here’s what you need to do during the fall:

  • Give your tools a break

It’s maintenance time for your tools

Your tools have served you well during the spring and summer seasons, and it’s now time for them to take a break. However, before you store them right away, make sure that they are clean and dry to avoid rusting. You can hang them or wrap them in cloth to prevent any moisture from seeping in. Your lawn mower will also need some winter preparation, which includes blade sharpening, emptying of the fuel tank, filter replacement, and spark plug removal.

  • Store your furniture

Before the winter winds breeze through your lawn, and it’s too cold to work outside, you can start storing your outdoor furniture now. 

Put away your patio chairs, haul up the barbeque grill, and cover up the pool to avoid any frost damage. Before you cozy up beside the fireplace, double check your outdoor furniture inventory first and make sure that they too are safe during the cold seasons. 

  • Keep a short lawn


Grass tends to overgrow after winter. With all the moisture it has gathered, you might end up with a lawn that’s too long and ungroomed when spring arrives.
So, instead of letting the grass take over your lawn, try mowing your lawn 2 inches shorter every 2 weeks. This way, before winter brings in all its moisture, there is room for your lawn to grow when spring comes around. 

  • Check the gutter

Clogged gutters are one of the main culprits for ceiling stains and drippings. During fall, the probability of debris getting stuck on gutters will increase as dried leaves pile up.  As you put up the holiday decors for Thanksgiving and Halloween, check the gutters as well.

  • Beware of bald spots

As your lawn goes into hibernation mode, some parts of it will not receive the same amount of moisture and nutrients. This imbalance of distribution could create dead spots in your lawn when spring rolls in.

To make sure that your lawn is evenly nourished and taken care of, try removing the dried leaves and coating your lawn with a blanket of fertilizer afterwards. 

  • Make a mulch

Dried leaves can be enticing to look at. However, for your lawn, this crunchy foliage is a big problem. This doesn’t provide extra insulation, but rather block the sunlight and nutrients from entering. Instead of letting the dried leaves invade your garden, rake them instead and make mulch out of them. 

  • Install a smart sprinkler

Install a quality smart sprinkler system design to help with your fall season lawn care. Call a sprinkler systems installer to prep your lawn for the season.

Why You Need a Smart Sprinkler System

The busiest time for lawn maintenance is the beginning of spring and fall. For the former, you need to be on top of bush grooming, weed control, and pest care. The latter, however, is the time to clean up and protect your lawn. Both seasons demand the same amount of energy and care.

To lessen the workload, you can always search up for sprinkler system companies near you and have experts install them on your lawn. Even if your plants are hibernating or thriving, moisture is a 24/7 necessity. That’s why experts believe that whether you’re installing a sprinkler system in Oakville or lawn sprinklers in Toronto, it’s best to invest in smart sprinkler systems

What is a smart sprinkler system? Are smart sprinklers worth it?  When it comes to year-round care they are the answer to every homeowner’s needs. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, your plants will need a constant supply of moisture.

However, with work, holidays, and vacations on your schedule, it can be difficult to squeeze in chores for lawn care. A smart sprinkler system is there to help you as it maintains a steady watering timetable for your plants. 

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Current models in the market even have the ability to test soil content to give your sprinkler system more data for it to determine how much water to provide. So, if you’re still wondering, is a sprinkler system worth it? The answer is yes, and here are ways to maintain its year-round condition: 

  • Check for Puddles

    Puddles could be a sign of malfunctioned sprinkler

Puddles and poolings around your lawn are a bad sign. Not only do they become homes for mosquito infestation, but they are the result of a malfunctioning sprinkler. Consistent puddle formation in one area could indicate a line break.

Often caused by changing temperatures, it could incur further frost damage. So, before winter comes, have your sprinkler lines checked and protected. 

  • Beware of obstructions

Water runoff in your driveway can cause accidents and pavement damage. This misdirected water flow could be caused by an obstruction in your sprinkler’s path.

Try roaming around your lawn and check for any boulders or formations that may have caused it. Once identified, you can then adjust the rotor’s direction to avoid future driveway flooding. 

  • Schedule maintenance

    Do regular maintenance checks to keep your sprinklers in good condition

Usual sprinkler repairs often revolve around rotors and heads. Damage by rust, debris, and weather can lead to uneven water distribution. To ensure that your sprinkler is always in good condition try searching for sprinkler system repair technicians near you and have a monthly maintenance check. 

Lawn care is more than just fertilizers and sprinkling. It’s a delicate science that requires focused attention on the different factors that affect plant growth. From moisture, sun exposure, soil nutrients, and surrounding temperature, caring for your plants is a 24/7 responsibility. A plant could live today and die the next when not cared for properly. This is why you need to care for your lawn during the cold season.

While the golden and sunburnt fall leaves signal the time of the year for you to cozy up inside your home and enjoy the holidays, you shouldn’t neglect lawn care. Fall is the perfect time to prepare your lawn for winter frost. So, before you sit in for a winter nap, make sure to check off all the chores in your fall lawn care list. 

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