Landscape lighting does more than just accent the details of an outdoor space. It adds character to a home, enhances the safety and security of your property, and increases its market value.

Different lighting techniques create different moods, ranging from a natural appearance to something more striking and dramatic.


1. Path Lighting


Landscape Lighting Ideas for Curb Appeal


Path lighting acts as a “welcome party” for your invited guests and as a barrier to would-be intruders. You can use it to safely guide visitors to your doorstep or to draw attention to garden and structural highlights.

Lamps set on poles create pools of light on the ground; these are effective above cobblestone pathways. Downlight from fixtures on the house or in trees can bathe a garden in soft light, adding an air of romance and mystery. “Up light” from ground fixtures showcases various points of interest throughout the landscape, giving visitors something to admire during a stroll around the property.

 2. Step Riser Lighting



Landscape Lighting Ideas for Curb Appeal


Staircases pose trip and fall hazards any time of the day, but are trickier to traverse at night. Judging distance in the dark is difficult whether you’re familiar with the area or not. Step riser lighting increases staircase safety. Placed in the recesses of risers, small lamps are kept out of the way while illuminating each individual step. Appreciate the utility and the charm this lighting adds to your home.


3. Moon lighting (or Down Lighting)


Landscape Lighting Ideas for Curb Appeal


Add the appeal of natural lighting to the evening landscape through “moon lighting.” So named because it creates the illusion of moonlight illuminating an outdoor space, this technique is done with “down lighting” from nearby trees. Placing lights behind the branches and leaves of trees casts bewitching shadows and diffuses any harsh glow. This bathes a yard or garden in a soft ethereal light. To enhance this effect, experts recommend using cool lights contrasted by warm lights from the house or other fixtures to enhance the natural look.

4. Up Lighting


Landscape Lighting Ideas for Curb Appeal


Highlight noteworthy features of plants, trees, and garden fixtures with up lighting. Done by placing fixtures at (or below) ground level and pointing them upwards, this approach adds drama and captures the attention of your visitors. Showcase your prized plants, create the illusion of depth on flat surfaces, and enhance the ambience of your outdoor space.

Well-designed outdoor lighting can transform a home into a place of magic and drama or simply to make it more welcoming. Turn to landscape lighting professionals for advice and/or have them recommend and install those fixtures for you.

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