As awareness grows regarding climate change, Canadians are responding enthusiastically to the call to adapt and protect the planet. Starting at home, “green” or eco-friendly practices and innovations are being adopted. The landscaping industry has responded to homeowners’ concerns, with eco-friendly lawn care.

Make a significant impact by keeping it green. There are methods to prevent dangerous chemicals from infiltrating our soil and water sources. We also want to protect pets and children from toxins. The advantages of smart lawn care decisions are both environmental and economical. Green practices conserve energy and prevent damage; they also save homeowners time and money.

An eco-friendly lawn and garden

Water-, Air-, and Soil-Saving Technology

It is possible to maintain a beautiful lawn and garden without sacrificing air, soil, and water quality. New techniques and technologies have recently emerged, making it easier than ever to make ecologically responsible choices. As concern for the environment grows, so does our awareness of the link between our natural surroundings and personal health.

A healthy lawn is often a homeowner’s source of pride. Today, we can also be proud of an eco-friendly maintenance plan and its positive effect on the health of our community.

Important Eco-Friendly Decisions

Armed with up-to-date information, homeowners are equipped to make greener choices:

  • Lawn Mowers
    For urban lots and modestly sized yards, a reel mower is a cost effective way to save energy. By avoiding gas-powered or electric mowers, homeowners can have a positive effect on air quality and energy usage, while reducing noise pollution at the same time.

With mowers, simpler techniques offer a great “green” option

  • Fertilizers
    Many gardeners are unfamiliar with what’s in commercial fertilizers. Reading labels before buying is an important step — know which products are safe by understanding which ingredients can be toxic. Companies are increasing efforts to appeal to eco-conscious consumers. Popular marketing practices make it tricky to discern whether the claims of some so-called “Green” products are legitimate.

Contact your local nursery or professional landscaper to have organic fertilizers applied to your garden. Alternatively, go all-natural by composting your own mix of leaves, grass clippings, and fruit or vegetable peelings. Purchasing an outdoor composter will assist with this process, but it’s also possible to compost cleanly indoors, even in small spaces. This system has the added eco-friendly bonus of reducing food waste.

Composting is easy and cost-effective

  • Plant Selections
    In order to reduce water usage (as well as the use of potentially toxic pesticides and fertilizer) choose low-maintenance plants and flowers. Homeowners have a wide array of attractive options that thrive in a variety of conditions. Xerophytic plants require less water, and can access water via uniquely efficient root systems.

If homeowners do plant flowers with increased hydration needs, a smart watering system is key. Contact an expert in watering systems to install sprinklers, slow-drip irrigation options, timers, and maximize your water efficiency.

  • Following Local Policy
    Restrictions and guidelines vary depending on each region to preserve natural resources and protect personal health. Certain weed-killers, insecticides and fertilizers may be banned in your municipality. They can also be prohibited in certain key locations within a municipality (e.g. in proximity to a schoolyard).

Use of these substances may incur significant fines. Luckily, damage and penalties are avoidable. Check any pesticide updates to avoid problems. If you observe any banned substance being used in your neighbourhood, report it immediately; authorities will educate the offender on the right products to use.

  • Lighting
    LED lights are a long-lasting, energy-saving option for landscapes. Intelligent and informed placement of lights will help maximize their potential while minimizing power usage. Contact a lighting specialist to create an energy efficient system on your property.
  • Watering Systems
    Choosing a reliable, efficient sprinkler system will significantly reduce water costs. With professional consultations and installation, you’ll have a system tailored to your specific landscaping requirements, thereby eliminating water waste. Expert sprinkler installers can predict (and plan for) potential future issues. Avoiding accidental damage means avoiding leaks and costly loss.
  • Smart Timers
    This technology allows owners to operate their sprinkler system from anywhere with an internet connection — no manual adjustment required. Property owners can control water usage from a different city, and smart timers will automatically adjust systems in response to changes in the weather.

Smart Timers eliminate the need to manually turn off your sprinkler in the midst of a rainstorm. The system also allows you to set an individualized watering schedule. You can change the schedule whenever you like (e.g. in accordance with local warnings about low water levels), or to honour restricted watering times in your community.

Dramatically reduce water usage with a Smart Timer, detailed report of recent water output. Any waste can be spotted and addressed immediately. Water conservation is a key goal of the environmental movement; we no longer have excuses to waste this precious resource.

While fun for kids’ play time, rotary sprinklers are often inefficient

How Old Sprinklers Increase Waste

Rudimentary sprinkler systems make it difficult to control water usage.

  • Low or Inconsistent pressure – This happens at the sprinkler base, and it allows water to seep into the surrounding area without reaching a lawn’s border.
  • Leaks – Sprinkler systems should be inspected regularly for leaks or cracks. Unnoticed issues can result in many days of wasted water. Leaks can happen because of damage to the sprinkler itself, or because of incorrect attachment to the hose.
  • Holes – These can be difficult for the novice to detect along the body of an old hose.
  • Alignment – Rotary sprinklers go out of alignment as they age, making it impossible to establish a precise watering area.

A professional consultation with sprinkler experts can help keep your system up to date and in good working order. Installing a smart-timer reduces costs from wasted water, and allow everyone to accurately monitor usage.

Discover how simple actions can inspire others!

The Power Of Positive Change

When homeowners lead by example, our actions can influence the dynamics of an entire neighbourhood. Avoiding pesticides and chemical fertilizers will benefit nearby properties by keeping the soil and underground water sources free of poisons, making lawns and gardens healthier. It creates a healthier environment for pets and children, and inspires others to make changes themselves.

By choosing energy-efficient lighting, using a clean and quiet reel mower, and reducing water usage, homeowners are saving money and improving conditions for the benefit of the whole community.

Make a difference with your dollar

On a global scale, eco-friendly practices make a lasting impact with manufacturers. By sending the message that consumers care about greener products and eco-friendly innovations, we can encourage growth within this vital industry. Making environmentally responsible choices with your dollar is an influential first step to creating positive change.

Find out how to “green” your lawn care routine. Contact Augusta Green Sprinklers at (416) 227-1666. We’re happy to help you create an eco-friendly system for properties throughout Toronto, Mississauga, and Oakville.