There are so many options for sprinkler systems available – how do you choose the one that best suits your lawn and garden needs? Here’s what you should consider when looking for a sprinkler system:

Size of the property

Be aware of the size of the property and the amount of space you need to cover with the sprinkler system. Take measurements and note if there are any areas that will be subject to more sunlight than others. Also be aware of sloped areas and runoff. This will not only help you determine the type of sprinkler system you require, but also where it needs to be located.

Soil Type

The type of soil is vital when choosing which type of sprinkler system is best for your needs. Sandy soils typically require frequent watering at higher volumes. This is necessary to keep moisture in the root zone. Tighter, clay soils require frequent applications at a lower volume. Whether you go with an overhead sprinkler system or an irrigation drip system is determined by the type of soil.

Plants grown

The kind of lawn, plants, shrubs, and trees and their water requirements will definitely influence the type of sprinkler system needed. There are three main classes of sprinkler heads: spray heads, bubbler heads, and drip or soaker systems. Their purposes vary – for example, a spray head suits lawns that require an even application of water. For flower beds and larger volumes of plants, drip and soaker hoses will allow for a slower application to the plant base. Consider the needs of your garden and landscaping carefully before choosing the right sprinkler head.

Water quality

Irrigation systems should be tested for waterborne pathogens. Your sprinkler system may need some type of filtration, as soluble iron and other dissolved minerals may affect water quality. In addition to this, a chlorine injection may be required, depending on the type of greenery.

A well-designed sprinkler system will make your garden or lawn flourish with minimal effort and cost. Hiring an expert technician will get you the most out of your investment, making sure your system is properly installed and remains in excellent working condition.

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