Since its invention, the light bulb has significantly changed the world. Doubling mankind’s productivity. It has transformed the globe overnight and has been a catalyst for progress.

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With the advent of wireless connections and smart devices, the simple light bulb has evolved to include high-tech functions. Major corporations such as Google and Amazon, have integrated the light bulb as a part of their smart home functions that allow the owner to simply use voice command to activate the light bulb.

The possibilities are endless with this new advancement, and much more are coming, as inventors and engineers develop newer and better ways to make your light bulb a smarter device. Innovators have found a way to integrate it into indoor and outdoor lighting. In this article, we focus on making your landscape lighting smart.

How to Integrate Smart Lighting Into your Property

ntegrating smart lighting into your home lighting system is a great investment. Having them installed will not only lessen your electric bills, but they will also be there to assist you with chores. With their state-of-the-art technological designs, the smart lighting system will be able to alert or communicate with you (in a sense). The waterproof varieties can be safely installed outdoors together with the sprinkler system. Smart lighting is also easy to install.

Here are some smart lighting tips to transform your home:

  • Pick an assistant that is compatible with all smart devices

Make sure your smart lighting devices are compatible with your digital assistant.

Smart devices connected to Alexa, Siri, and Google Home are among the most sophisticated digital assistants today. Each assistant has its own line of compatible smart devices. If you choose a smart light or switch, make sure that it is compatible with your smart assistant. This will ensure a glitch-free system.

  • Swap the old bulbs with smart ones

The easiest step towards starting your journey to having a smarter house and easier home life is by replacing the old ones that you already have. You simply screw the smart light bulbs into existing fixtures, connect them to your WiFi networks — and voila! — your lighting system is now a smart one.

With an app from your phone, smart assistant devices, or remotes, you can easily manipulate and change the settings of your light bulbs. You can change their colours, dim them, and turn them on/off with a single touch or command.

  • Replace old switches with smart types

These smart switches will have built-in technology that will be able to communicate with your phone and WiFi network. This will make it easier for you to use voice commands or phone apps to control your light settings. You can still use your old bulbs for this one. However, with old bulbs, you cannot change their colours.

  • Integrate your smart lighting with other smart controls

Smart lighting doesn’t only stop with smart switches and lights, but you can also get creative with how you connect the lighting system to your other home fixtures.

By integrating the smart lighting system with other smart controllers, you can coordinate your doorbells or CCTVs to your lights, have a light that tracks the time you spend on your lawn, or have lights that flash in tune with your music beats!

Today’s smart devices know no bounds. Experiment as much as you can with smart technology to create the perfect home life for you.

Benefits of Smart Lighting

By fully transforming your landscape into a 21st-century smart property, you’ll be able to enjoy a plethora of benefits that these upgrades can provide for you. Smart lighting:

  • 2 (3)Sets the ambiance

Lighting is the best way to affect the mood of a person. Bars, restaurants, galleries, and malls have been using lighting as a strategy to make you feel certain emotions when you’re in their establishment.

With your smart lights, you can do exactly the same on your property as you can smoothly transition from one light bulb setting to another. You can program your lights to have certain modes that will automatically turn on in response to what you’re doing. You can have settings for sleeping, eating, gardening, and listening to music to name a few.

  • Saves energy

Compared to other lights that have no other option but to turn on to their rated wattage, smart bulbs can be dimmed into whatever setting you like. Having this dimmer option can help you save energy.

  • Saves money

Since smart lights can turn on or off automatically with a tap on your phone, you can now easily control your electric consumption. For example, you may have forgotten to turn off the outdoor lights while you’re at work, or off on a vacation, and you’re worried about expensive bills. Smart light bulbs can simply be switched off, even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

  • Uses lights to notify

As said earlier, smart lights can also be integrated with other devices. You can utilize light as a way to notify yourself of certain situations. If someone’s at the door, you can have your desk lamp flash a certain colour — perfect when you are wearing headphones or just playing loud music.

When you receive an urgent message, your lights can tell you too! There are even irrigation companies that use smart light bulb technology to help their homeowners know if there’s a problem with their sprinkler system.

  • Turns on when detecting the motion

Smart light bulbs can also be integrated with motion detectors that will help you control your lights better. For example, your outdoor lighting system can be installed with motion detectors, so they can turn on or off if they detect the movement of a lawn sprinkler system or someone passing through your lawn. Just imagine the effects of lawn lights lighting up one by one as you are on your way to your door from a late night out.

  • Schedules a light to turn on and off

The lights can also be installed with smart timers so that they can turn on and off at specific times of the day, helping you save energy and prevent burglaries at home.

  • Turns on and off lights remotely

Forgot to turn off the lights? Smart lighting will let you turn them off remotely

Controlling your light bulbs remotely will allow you to do more than save you the time and effort of returning to your home and turning them off. Smart lighting can also keep your children safe, discourage intruders, and give you the convenience of controlling your lights, even if you are on the other side of the globe.

Using a smart light bulb will certainly improve your daily life. As light plays a great role in how we interact with the world, it’s only smart that you invest in this device. Do you want to revamp your current lighting to a smart outdoor lighting system? Look no further than Augusta Green Sprinklers in Toronto. We have professional lighting designers ready to provide you with detailed plans to transform your landscape. Call us now at (416) 227-1666 or you can book online.