Watering can truly make or break a garden or landscaped area. Too little or too much water can quickly make a plant’s environment uninhabitable, causing it to die.

Here are five common misconceptions about watering:

It’s ok to stop watering your lawn.

Some people save water by not turning on the lawn sprinklers when rain is in the forecast. However, avoiding watering altogether can negatively affect the soil. When soil lacks moisture, it becomes compacted, making it less able to absorb precipitation. Too much dryness makes soil shrink, resulting in an unstable foundation for your plants and trees.

If you’re in doubt about what your garden needs, contact landscape irrigation experts. They can visit your property, assess your watering needs, and teach you the right way to improve the quality of your lawn and conserve water at the same time.

Wilting means more water is needed.

Wilting can indicate that leaves are not getting enough moisture, but doesn’t necessarily mean the soil is dry. Wilting is caused by many factors, including soil-borne pests or plant disease. Both can affect water distribution from roots to other plant parts.  While plants need a sufficient supply of water, too much can cause root drowning and suffocation. The only way to tell if lack of water is causing wilting is to check soil moisture.

Overhead watering on a sunny day can scorch leaves.

Some people believe that overhead watering on a hot day burns the surface of leaves. Water does evaporate quickly on a sunny day, but it will not scorch the leaves. Avoid watering on sunny afternoons to minimize the amount of moisture lost to evaporation.

Drought-tolerant plants don’t need watering.

Plants such as succulents and cacti need water to survive. You may not need to water as regularly, but these plants still require attention. If you have drought-tolerant species in your garden, consult a gardening centre or do some research about their care.

It rained yesterday; no need to water.

If there was a full day of precipitation, watering may be unnecessary. However, a light drizzle cannot properly saturate the soil and fully penetrate plant roots.

If you have a dried out green area, consider installing slow drip irrigation to help the roots sufficiently absorb water. Contact sprinkler installation experts to help your lawn and gardens grow.

A sprinkler system is an efficient, cost-effective means to reduce water waste and lower bills. Call Augusta Green Sprinklers at (416) 227-1666; our team of experts will design and build a sprinkler system for your Toronto home or commercial property.