Well-designed landscape lighting can elevate the look of your home and yard. It adds character and beauty and provides increased safety and security. Your landscape benefits depend on the quality and type of lighting installed.

Here are some basic outdoor lighting systems and the purpose they serve:

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights do what their name implies: they illuminate walkways, stairs, and changes in elevation. These lights are ideal for homeowners who spend a great deal of time in their gardens or on patios. These lights promote safety and they instill a feeling of elegance. They come in various styles, including step lights with sensors, solar lights, posts, and stakes.  

Flood Lights

Flood lights are commonly used for large spaces (e.g. parking lots and football field) because they provide wide-span lighting, reaching nooks and hidden areas that are hard to illuminate. These lights can help protect individuals and property and prevent vandalism or break-ins.


Placed in an elevated position (such as trees or gutters) and angled downwards, this type of lighting offers a “moonlight effect” as the leaves and branches create shadow patterns on the ground. The higher the light, the wider the space it illuminates. Patios, pathways, and swimming pools are best lit with down lights. They do not only set a mood, they are also a safety feature.

Hanging Lights

String lights and lanterns are common types of hanging lights. They add a sophisticated ambience to your porch, patio, or backyard. They are also great decor for weddings, birthdays, and other outdoor events.

Underwater Lights

Fountains and swimming pools add beauty to a garden or yard; without lighting, they often go unnoticed at night. Underwater lights can amplify their features. These lights pose no electrical danger; they are specially designed to function while being submerged.


Unlike flood lights (which spread across a wide area), spotlights produce narrower and more focused beams. These lights accentuate and highlight well-defined areas in your landscape like doors, statues, plants, fixtures, and signage.

If you’re having difficulty choosing what type of landscape lighting is right for you, contact an expert design company for a consultation.

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