Landscape lighting is a worthy investment. When done right, it can increase the curb appeal of your garden, enhance the safety and security of your property, and boost its value. However, when done haphazardly, it can negatively affect the overall appeal create repair or reinstallation costs.


 Avoid Landscape Lighting Mistakes


Typical landscape lighting mistakes include:

  • Poor placement of lighting fixtures
  • Installation of poor quality wires
  • Use of bulbs that waste energy
  • Light pollution (too much) and inadequate lighting (too little)
  • Emphasis on fixture design instead of lighting effects

Make your investment in lighting worthwhile; get professional design and installation assistance. Experts can:


 Avoid Landscape Lighting Mistakes


1. Determine optimal placement for lighting fixtures. The desired effect is influenced by the selection of locations where fixtures are less likely to incur damage. Avoid placing certain fixtures on the ground in grassy areas where you use a lawn mower, for example.

2. Install high quality wires. For electrical fixtures, wires are the lifeline to power. Constant exposure to moisture, outdoor weather, and soil conditions will take a toll on low quality wires. Use high quality wiring with watertight connectors to keep out moisture.


 Avoid Landscape Lighting Mistakes


3. Use LED bulbs. LED bulbs outlast and outperform traditional light bulbs. LED lighting has a lifespan of approximately 11 years (with continuous use), can withstand severe weather conditions and extreme temperatures, runs on low voltage, and does not emit UV and infrared light. Efficient, resilient, eco-friendly, and low in energy consumption, LED bulbs can help save the costs of replacement and high electricity bills.

4. Fix problems and utilize the right amount of light. Issues like light pollution and glare divert attention from garden highlights and make tripping hazards difficult to spot. Low lighting levels are similar. Avoid both situations by installing the right number of fixtures at strategic locations so walkways are well-lit. To deal with light pollution and glare, install lighting eyelids or glare guards and check the direction of the light so it does not spill onto a neighbour’s property or cause road distractions.


 Avoid Landscape Lighting Mistakes


5. Keep in mind the lighting effects of fixtures — not only their design. Consider light output and beam spread when selecting fixtures. Determine the effect you want achieved. If you want the illusion of natural moonlight, for example, choose whitish or bluish lights that can be mounted on tops of branches. To highlight garden plants and objects, select low-lying fixtures.

Landscape lighting doesn’t have to be difficult. For foolproof installation, secure the services of professionals.

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