When it comes to making your home look impressive and improving your curb appeal, there’s more to it than beautifying the house and garden. Another thing you can do to spice up your home is add some eye-catching outdoor lighting. Whether you set them outside the house or around the landscape, there’s no denying some outdoor lights provide something special for your home. Good lighting is great for creating some atmosphere to spice up the outdoors when you step out, to say nothing of making it easier to see your beautiful external spaces even when it’s dark. 

What Types of Outdoor Lighting to Be Aware Of

When it comes to outdoor lighting, it helps to know exactly what kind of lights you need to showcase your home’s best features. There’s more to good outdoor lighting than just putting lights around the house. There are a wide array of lighting options available, and it pays to be aware of your options. For example, path lighting illuminates your walkways so you can see, while also creating an ambiance to accompany you as you walk. Accent lighting helps accentuate noticeable features on your property you may want to draw attention to, such as trees, statues, or bushes. There is a wide range of different lighting options available for homeowners. Consider asking professional landscape lighting services to get a helping hand with your outdoor lighting. 

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

There’s more to outdoor lighting than illuminating your home. Good outdoor lighting offers multiple benefits, all designed to put your house in as good a light as possible (no pun intended) on several levels. If you’re looking to set up or improve your landscape lighting, it may help to learn what’s in it for you. Here’s a short list of benefits you can expect from investing in good outdoor lighting. 

The right lighting helps beautify your space

Adds to your curb appeal

Your landscape is as much a part of your home as your living room or kitchen, and like those places, it’s something many homeowners want to show off. Outdoor lighting goes a long way to ensuring your external features are visible even at night. The right lights even allow you to accent the most noticeable elements like trees and statues so eyes are immediately drawn there. Meanwhile, strategically-placed wash and down lights can accentuate your home’s best features. Good lighting is key to making your home look impressive at all times, even when it gets dark. 

Improves your ROI

Selling your home is always an option, not one every homeowner elects to take, but it sometimes becomes a necessity. In case you do want to sell your home, outdoor lighting is one of the most effective renovations you can add to your home to increase its value. Good outdoor lighting improves your curb appeal, and therefore the value of your home to potential buyers. Not only do you have an appealing landscape, but you also have a lighting system that enables it to be visible even after dark. For potential buyers, those factors increase the appeal of your home and improves its resale value. 

Outdoor lighting lets you take advantage of your external space

Maximizes your space

Staying in the house is nice, but if you have a nice landscape, it’d be a shame not to use it more often. Outdoor lighting helps you make the most of your space, particularly your outdoor space. Imagine candlelit dinners on the patio, or conversations on the deck after dinner, or a short game in the backyard just before bedtime. Outdoor lighting can make these possibilities real, and magical at that. Some strategically-placed lighting, and the right type of lighting at that, and these events can become something special to enjoy with your family, in a space that’s all your own. 

Increases safety and security

Your outdoor lighting doesn’t just offer benefits for aesthetics and value, it also keeps you safe. Exterior lighting is a factor in keeping your home safe. It’s often a clear indicator that someone’s at home, and vigilant for any disturbances. This indication can help deter intruders who might otherwise risk entering your premises and causing harm. More specifically, strategic lighting eliminates dark spots that could serve as hiding places for those intruders and makes it easier to view your surroundings. Other than protecting you from human threats, lighting also keeps you safe while enjoying your space. Walkway lights, for example, keep your paths lit so you can avoid tripping hazards as you walk. Outdoor lights aren’t simply additions that help your house look more impressive, they also offer additional ways to keep yourself, your family, and your guests all the more safe. 

Outdoor lighting isn’t just something that beautifies your house, it also improves the home’s value, keeps you safe, and lets you do more with the space you have. Investing in outdoor lighting may cost you, but it’s a cost that’s well worth it when you think about what you stand to gain. Keep this short guide in mind to help you navigate outdoor lighting yourself once you decide to try it for yourself. 

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