Winter blues are a common problem for many people, especially if you’re one of those who find the season drab. Gardens, in particular, tend not to look their best in winter. The vibrant, colourful flowers are gone, the lawn usually looks drab, and everything’s blanketed in snow, which can make your exterior look more monochrome until spring comes back.

One great way to fight off those winter blues is to do a little winter gardening. Think of it as a way to add a splash of life and colour to the yard and break some of the monotony of the winter landscape. Here are a few winter gardening ideas to help you get started. Better yet, you can use these tips every year to help make each winter a little more fun and colourful.

Outdoor lights are a great way to illuminate and beautify the garden

1.Install some outdoor lighting

It’s not uncommon for many homeowners to decorate with festive lights to help celebrate the holiday season. However, outdoor lighting also offers plenty of outdoor winter garden ideas to make the mood more festive. Dynamic lighting lets you use the garden for more things in winter while helping to balance your mood against the winter blues.

In winter, night falls much earlier, which can make it harder to see your garden and enjoy it. Landscape lighting can help illuminate your exterior and bring it back into play, especially if you’ve gotten used to not being able to see much out after nightfall. Consider investing in some garden or outdoor wall fixtures to light the way. You can also find different styles of fixtures to match the aesthetic of your home and serve as eye-catching decorative features to show off the next time you have visitors. For additional effect, use your lighting to draw the eye to the most fetching parts of the garden, like noticeable plants. This helps those sections of the garden stand out and add a touch of character to your property.

Install a bird feeder to attract some birds throughout the year

2.Feed the birds

Normally, local wildlife hibernates or travels south for the winter. However, there are still plenty of animals you can attract to beautify your garden.

Birds are a common and relatively harmless pick compared to squirrels and other creatures. Consider setting up a bird box or feeder to give them a warm nest and some food to help them through winter. Winter is a tough time for many animals, so the birds could do with a little human help to make the season easier on them. If you’re in for the long haul, encouraging your feathered guests to visit now can be a good way to start encouraging them to keep visiting all year round. For all the bird watchers out there, it’s also a golden opportunity to get the birds to come to you for a change. Keep an eye out for bird species common in Toronto for easier identification of whatever birds come to visit.

Think about adding a fire pit to stay warm and have fun outside

3.Add a firepit

The cold weather can make it harder to spend time outdoors, but it’s not impossible if you have a way and the will. Consider investing in a fire pit so people can stay warm outdoors. These things don’t have to be limited to summer camping trips; you can repurpose your firepits for nice outdoor entertainment in winter too. They’re a great way to have some fun no matter what the season, especially if you’re fond of roasting marshmallows. Just wrap yourselves up, pack some hot cocoa, and have some fun outdoors on those not-so-cold nights.

If you’re especially committed to spending time outside this winter, you may also want to give some thought to building a gazebo or BBQ hut. These additions are a considerable investment, but they’re also a great way to enjoy yourself in the garden all year round and cook some hot food to warm yourself up during the colder months of the year.

Plant some winter berries to add a splash of colour

4.Plant some winter flowers

Most people assume that the yard loses its colour during the winter months, but there are a few garden ideas you can use to add a splash of colour to offset all the white. Many plants continue to flower even in winter, so look into some winter-resistant plants that can spice up your winter garden.

Some plants that can resist the winter include hellebore, violas, and daffodils. Think about planting them in protected spots in your garden or in your pots to give your home some variety this winter. Alternatively, plant some berries like winterberries or American beautyberries. These evergreens boast berries in eye-grabbing colours, giving you a great way to spice up your garden during the winter months.

Take care of your sprinklers to avoid water damage

5.Do some winter yardwork

Yardwork is always a must, even when it gets cold. Your plants will still need some care to help them survive the winter, especially if you have evergreens in your garden. Take care of some garden maintenance now, like winter pruning, fertilizing, or mulching. These chores are a great winter garden preparation for spring that can help your plants start strong when the weather changes. In case of any leftover leaves after fall, take the time to attack those leaves to prevent them from rotting or making your pathways more slippery. Sweep up the leaves, or use a leaf blower for easier disposal.

Aside from making the garden more habitable during the winter months, doing some winter gardening is also a good way to fight the winter blues. Keeping yourself busy with a hobby is a common method of improving your mood, and a sense of accomplishment may be just what you need to keep your spirits up until the return of spring. While you’re at it, check your hoses and sprinkler systems to ensure they stay healthy this winter. These systems are prone to damage without the right care, so double-check them; it’s an easier way to garden in winter.

6.Perform some tool maintenance

During spring and summer, it’s often difficult to find time to look after your tools properly since you’ll need them for gardening then. To make working on your garden easier, make a habit of giving your tools some maintenance at least once a year. Take the time during winter to give your tools some much-needed TLC during the lull in gardening activities.

Tools like spades, hoses, and garden furniture need plenty of care during winter to avoid damage from ice and water, so do it now when you’ve got plenty of time. Additionally, if you need to work on your lawn, it’ll be easier to get those jobs out of the way with newly sharpened, cleaned, and repaired tools.

Taking good care of the garden is just another chore a good homeowner needs to take care of, but sometimes you could benefit by having a helping hand. Augusta Green Sprinklers offers full-service landscape irrigation and lighting to help you give your yard the TLC it deserves all year round. Drop us a line now at (416) 227-1666 to get some help making your garden look its best.