Does your front lawn view need some sprucing up? Here are a few ways to expand your outdoor living space. With a few renovations and a quick garden revamp, you can finally have the alfresco adventure that you deserve right in your home.

Landscape Tips

Here are some landscape tips to expand your living space:

1.Install an outdoor kitchen or grill


Food tastes better when shared, and tastes best when cooked outdoors. So, instead of booking a reservation at a fancy restaurant, why not buy a grill and fire up some barbecue!

2.Add a garden area

Adding a garden area, no matter how small, can add life to your lawn. An area filled with greens can work wonders for your health. It can help remove stress, rest your eyes (from too much computer or smartphone staring), and can give more oxygen to your property.

If you want a well-kept garden without the hassle of watering them daily yourself, then consider a sprinkler irrigation system with a good design. For your lawn to be in tip-top shape, you can also opt for smart sprinklers so you don’t have to keep asking yourself “When should I use my lawn sprinklers?”

3.Augment with enclosures or patio roofs

Installing a patio roof, gazebo, treehouse, or private enclosure will allow you to create an oasis of comfort in your garden. These structures will protect you from the elements while giving your lawn a beautiful makeover.

4.Create an entertainment area

Watch movies and games outside with friends and family

Your outdoor garden is not just for peaceful afternoons and fresh air. Why not fully utilize the space, and create an entertainment area? You can have an outdoor television, a bonfire section, a little gazebo, or a treehouse in your lawn. These quick installations can easily upgrade your outdoor get-togethers right away.

5.Buy a tub, jacuzzi, or pool

Why spend on a high-budget trip, when you can have a staycation on your property? Install a tub, Jacuzzi, or pool — and voila! Unlimited fun awaits you. Whether it’s a solo dive or group party, you can have a cozy night in your backyard. Cool off anytime during the summer as you go for a quick soak. By investing in a high-quality pool or Jacuzzi, you can quickly upgrade your garden and make it a more enjoyable space.

6.Decorate according to themes or holidays

Let your lawn be trendy through decor

Holidays are a great excuse to spruce up your home a little and have some fun. If the weather is nice enough, try taking the fun outdoors! Spruce up every occasion by putting up themed decor for your lawn. Install a front lawn Christmas tree for the Yuletide season and a tombstone for Halloween.

7.Design an outdoor living area

Feel snug and cozy as you lie on your back to sunbathe or camp out under the stars with your newly refurbished outdoor garden. Roughing it doesn’t always mean you should experience the great outdoors devoid of luxury.

Give your outdoor lawn adventures a touch of comfort and warmth by setting up an outdoor living space and adding pillows, cushions, and blankets. Purchase linens, like cotton and wool, which are suitable for the outdoors.

8.Enhance the garden lighting

Jazz up your garden with landscape lighting design to enhance its appeal. Make sure your setup complements natural lighting. Install patio lights, portable lamps, pendants, and post mounts to illuminate hidden corners and create the illusion of a bigger space.

If you’re wondering what lights to use for landscaping, opt for eco-friendly options like solar and LED bulbs. Other companies even offer circadian-friendly bulbs that support your natural circadian rhythm.

Alternatively, you can hire an outdoor lighting designer to develop the layout. They have the eyes, tools, and skill set for outdoor illumination. They know how to do landscape lighting design and can bring out the best of your lawn.

9.Install a heat source


Fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor heaters are a must in any outdoor garden revamp. Since you can’t take the indoor heating out, invest in heavy-duty and fire safety heat sources in your lawn.

These fixtures will help in creating a mood of welcome and warmth for those cozy late-night bonding time with family or friends. This can also serve as an added place for cooking.

10.Purchase weatherproofed furniture

Garden furniture is not the same as your living room couch. Built to withstand the rain, sun, and cold, they are usually made of weather-durable materials like powder-coated steel, synthetic resin, and recycled plastic to name a few. To ensure that your outdoor parties are always guest-friendly, invest in heavy-duty and high-quality weatherproof furniture.

Working With Right Landscape Contractor

Finding the right landscape contractor is a wise investment

If you want a simple layout or are an experienced garden owner, you can go the DIY route and develop your landscape yourself. You can also ask family, friends, and neighbours for information, gardening tips or other ideas on the subject.

However, if you’re new to the gardening world, you don’t have to do it alone. Landscape contractors are there to guide and educate you through the process. Hiring experts can save you time; and while doing so may seem like a substantial investment, it can save you the trouble of costly repairs if something goes wrong.

To make sure that you have the best service, search for well-known companies near you and compare their reviews. Once you have your pick, consult with them to develop a clear vision of what you want and be open to their suggestions. Make sure that you and your contractor are on the same page.

Turn your lawn into a beautiful paradise with these gardening tips. No vision is too small or big, you just have to invest wisely and hire an expert.

If you’re looking for lawn sprinkler and/or landscape lighting companies near you or around Mississauga and Toronto, contact Augusta Green Sprinklers. We will develop a suitable layout for your garden and install these fixtures for you; call us now at (416) 227-1666 for a free estimate.