Few things excite people with green thumbs more than the thought of spring. It’s the perfect time to do some work on your home landscaping. If you are looking for species that can add more colour to your garden, adding spring flowers is a good way to start.

What Plants to Add Into Your Garden

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Take advantage of the spring warmth and figure out some of the best plant species to add to your garden. To help you out, here is a list of spring flowers to help you with your planting choice:


Planting bulbs like tulips (Tulipa) and daffodils will never go out of style even if they may take a bit more work than other plants in this list. Many Canadian homes have these beautiful flowering plants in spring and summer.

If you want to have them by early spring, start planting before winter, when the temperature starts to get chill. If you want to have them for summer, plant them in early spring when the weather is still cold.

Before planting, check the packaging and determine if these were “prechilled”. Bulbs need to be chilled to stimulate the roots. If they are, then get ready to plant them. Otherwise, have them chilled in the fridge wrapped in a paper bag for at least a couple of weeks.

Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger)

christmas rose lasts

If you are looking for a plant that can last even during the coldest season, the Christmas rose is the answer. This flowering plant got its name from the fact that while other flowers wilt during the winter (i.e. the Christmas season), this particular species stays in full bloom.
However, while it doesn’t reach its full bloom until the winter, it is a beautiful addition to your garden throughout the spring and is best planted during this season.

American liverwort (Hepatica triloba americana)

The name of this species was derived from the Latin “epatikos” or “hepar”, which means “liver”, due to the shape of its leaves. It is best planted in rich and porous soil and should be sheltered.
Although this plant is on the high-maintenance side and needs more tender loving care, it isn’t planted simply for its beautiful blooms, but more so for its medicinal benefits.medicinal benefits.

Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum)

What better way to add colour to your garden than to add a plant with bright yellow flowers? The trout lily has a single flower at the top of its short stalk. The 6 yellow petals curve outside revealing bronze-coloured stamens. This plant sprouts in early spring while the flowers bloom fully between March and May. They reproduce through underground rhizomes so they are easier to reproduce compared to other plants.

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis mollis)

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The witch hazel is a deciduous shrub that has colourful and fragrant flowers that bloom from winter to spring. The witch hazel is considered maintenance-free and is usually heat-tolerant.

Serviceberry Tree (Amelanchier spp.)

The serviceberry tree is a large shrub so you would need to have a bigger area in your garden. They are often used as the central plant of landscapes. In spring this can offer beautiful white flowers. Its autumn foliage is also a stunning sight to behold, with colours ranging from yellow to red. It also bears edible purple fruits for the family to feast on.

Magnolia Elizabeth (Elizabeth magnolia)

Magnolia Elizabeth, like its name, is an elegant species of the deciduous pyramidal tree. It features large, cup-shaped, and yellow flowers that usually bloom in early to mid-spring. The flowers gradually fade to a beautiful creamy colour as they age. They are best planted during spring when there is full sun and part shade to nurture it.

Eastern Redbuds (Cercis Canadensis)

eastern rebud
The eastern redbud offers breathtaking scenery in the spring when it shows off its spectacular array of pink flowers. However, this is not just a good addition to gardens in the springtime. The plant’s heart-shaped leaves are also a beautiful sight during the summer season.

Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas)

If you love to have a tree in your garden or backyard, the cornelian cherry is a good choice. The tree in itself offers a good focal point for any landscape. It offers your property a beautiful shade during the summer days but it shows it is prettiest during spring when luxurious yellow flowers bloom. It yields tiny fruits that can be preserved and are believed to have medicinal qualities.

Lenten Rose (Helleborus spp.)

There are different hybrids of the lenten rose since this is a top choice for gardeners who want to add some colour to their green backyard. It is well-loved because of its beautiful flowers. It can sit well under the sun or in part-shade and is best planted in early spring or fall.

How to Ensure Your Plants Are Watered Properly

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To successfully grow these beautiful spring garden plants, you need to prepare your garden first. You will need to properly irrigate your soil. Irrigation is the process of artificially applying water to land. Successful irrigation also involves allowing only the right amount of water, especially for territories with wet springtimes. New plants do not thrive in very wet soil, which makes the roots susceptible to rot. However, they are also at risk of drying up when there is not enough water.

To make sure the spring flowers to plant will thrive, you will need the help of professionals to install the best irrigation systembest irrigation system for the kind of soil you have. We at Augusta Green Sprinklers can offer the assistance to prepare your garden for setting up irrigation. We work with you hand in hand from designing the system, growing the plant species, understanding the soil composition, and other services.

Augusta Green Sprinkler is a full-service landscape irrigationlandscape irrigation and lighting company serving the Greater Toronto Area. We offer services ranging from installation and servicing of lawn sprinklers to landscape lighting systems. The business has been around for over 15 years and has catered to residential and commercial spaces.
Are you ready to plant beautiful plants in your garden this spring? We would be happy to help you. Give us a call at (416)-227-1666 or use our online booking form.online booking form. Start planting and see beautiful new plants bloom in your own backyard.